‘Tha Life: Atlanta’ Is Back with Episode 3 + Show Creator Asks for Your Support

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This production is light years better! Dr. George Smith continues to document his move from … where ever he moved from … and his new life in Black Hollywood. This episode is really catty and dives into the drama you guys said you were missing from the first two episodes. Get comfy and press play for episode 3 (which they’re calling episode 1, I explain after the video). Shout out to Tatum!

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Here’s 18 Things Older Trade Wants Young Gays to Know

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1: Never assume because we are over 40 that we are HIV-Positive or practice unsafe sex.

Young men are often the most prone to abandon safe sex in the heat of the moment, as they view the disease in a less-serious light than we do. If we are over 40 and healthy, it’s more than likely because we’ve been smart in our sexual choices and, if we are Positive, have taken care of ourselves so as not to risk our health or the health of others.

No matter our ages, let’s make one thing clear: Asking if someone is “clean” when you mean “HIV Negative” is an insult to all Positive men (the implication being that men with HIV are “dirty”). Use the word “clean” when enquiring about someone’s apartment status.

2: With age doesn’t always come maturity, and even thought we might be rich, successful and popular, we can be just as shallow and immature as anyone else.

Keep that in mind and you might be able to teach us a few things, or know when it’s wise to search for someone at your own level of growth.

3: Lady Gaga really has been copying every Madonna look, image, and video for the last several years.

Trust us on this one and move on.

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Jack’d & Grindr Extra Profiles Being Bought by Local Health Departments?

t2They’ve got to reach their customer some kind of way! Or, are we going to cry foul with waste of government funds?

San Mateo County (in the San Francisco Bay Area) admits to spending $55/year on two Grindr Extra profiles plus money to buy fake profile photos to entice the locals. After Grindr users hit them up they expose themselves (figuratively LOL) as the health department and offer free sex health advice.

Darryl Lampkin, prevention supervisor for the STD/HIV program at the county’s health department, says about 80% of men continue to chat with health professionals about outreach services. He also reports a 500% increase in community outreach over 2 years and trend shows continuous growth.

Grindr isn’t too happy about San Mateo County’s two profiles, citing they do not encourage the use of fake profiles or solicitation. But of course, Lampkin says, “There are people who just go on there to chat. … That’s what we go on there to do.”

Plus, if two or three health professionals can save a whole city of people from bumps, viruses, and money on medication for about $100 annually isn’t that worth the money?

Read more of this story at The Bay Area Reporter.

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DRAG QUEENS! Casting Call for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 7 is Here!

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If you can’t sew PLEASE don’t waste your time. And, if you paint your mug like Coco Montrese …

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Girl gone on.

But for you sickening, lavish, beat to the high heavens divas out there get your good Judy to hold the camera while you slay your audition tape for season 7 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’! Announced moments ago via Logo’s Facebook:

“Think you’re “America’s Next Drag Superstar?” Season 7 casting has begun, children! Enter now: http://rdrcasting.com/”

They’ve made the process 4 easy steps + given us a few words of encouragement from RuPaul herself.

There are plenty of divas who deserve a spot on next season. So, share this post with them and spread the word!