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That’s Gay

HOT PICS: #BlatinoOasis 2015 Brings the Hottest LGBT Models & Performers to Palm Springs


NoRal Apparel brings it to you every ball! It’s the first weekend of May and you know what that means! Well, you know what you’ve heard it means (and some of videos on your favorite porn sites later this week will confirm for you). Blatino Oasis touts themselves as the largest west coast retreat for people of color and it looks like the 9th annual event was perfection! Some photos are slightly *NSFW*. Proceed in […]

Priest Fired for Gay Orgies & Making Men Pretend to be Judas After Snitching on Jesus


Snitches don’t get stitches anymore. They get spanked and rammed up the butt by down low priests in Europe? According to reports from Italy that might be so. From Daily Mail: A 32-year-old man, from Rovigo in northeast Italy, claimed he was contacted by the unnamed priest around six months ago on Facebook. The man, an unemployed labourer, said he was having problems at the time and thought that ‘it could have been a sign from […]

19 Gay Couple Picture Ideas for You & Bae’s Next Shoot


He talks dirty in iMessage, buys you Chipotle and your mom thinks he’s cute. Plus, it helps that his ring finger is longer than his index finger (click here to read about that LOL). Here’s some photo ideas to help you stunt on Instagram and whatever else couples do that make their single friends jealous.

35 Gay Black Couples on the Beach, In the Park & Sharing Their Love in Public

Same sex marriage is legal in 35 states now so there’s no point in keeping all those locks on that closet you were hiding in. Plus, Black gay love is so darn beautiful! Here’s some photos to tickle your heart strings, inspire you to fall in love and some day submit a cute photo to @BombGayCouples on Instagram.

Gay Men Discuss Different Douche/Fleet Methods on ‘Gay Code’ [VIDEO]


“It actually turns me on when it’s squishing inside of me,” Mikael Singleton reveals on Gay Gode. Porn Star Hot Rod says he does cartwheels. Isaam says he likes to jump up and down. Wade from G-List Society says don’t forget to replace your bottle after 2-3 uses. The hilarious comments from people who matter in LGBT pop culture is a blessing to my eyes. In episode two the guys cover multiple topics that matter […]

36 Gay Couple Pictures to Inspire Your Valentine’s Day Selfie with Bae


In the car, in the bathroom at a restaurant, in your neighbor’s pantry – there are so many great places to snap a good photo with bae! Turn on your camera’s self-timer, make sure your hair is on fleek, and hold. that. pose. for. me. Check out these photos via @BombGayCouples that can inspire your next flick with your loved one.

Gays Get Ready: Tinder Plus Is Coming, These Are the Rumored New Features


From my personal Tinder app experience my friends will press the X button on a hot guy so he’ll never show up in my possible matches ever again. Why? They want all the fine men for themselves! Well, when the Tinder Plus app premieres next month you will be able use the “Undo” feature. This is also a plus because there will soon be a limit for unpaid users on how many hearts or X’s […]

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