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New Management, Better Party for Dominican Republic Labor Day Vacation


Will Williams is no more. The tea I got is his last public appearance was in Las Vegas last fall. And, a few months ago Lonell Williams said on ‘Rants & Raves with Drama Dupree’ that the most communication he has is a ‘mental health check’ ever so often. Somehow, beyond the drama, the annual gay vacation to the Dominican Republic carries on with new management under D.R. Takeover. RELATED: #InfernoDR Attendees Discuss Transforming Into […]

Gays, Have Y’all Seen the BOOTY of Ellis Banks?


Clock the mug! Clock the hijab leotard! And definitely clock the booty! In co-celebration with DBQ Magazine‘s annual Gay Pride issue, singer Ellis Banks celebrates his 600th YouTube video in with a series of 10 drag performances. Check out his best performances below starting with Jennifer Lopez’s latest single. ‘Booty’ [video link]

The Gay Remix to ‘Watch Out for the Big Girls’ Is L-I-F-E!


Oh how I love Xeraph! Say it with me y’all, ‘If he ain’t chubby …then he ain’t hubby!‘ Take a listen to the gay rapper’s latest release ‘Watch Out for the Big Boy‘ below and download his mixtape ‘I Love Thick Boyz‘ here. [listen link]

13 Hilarious Gay Tweets that Expose What We ALL Are Thinking

It’s just another day in the life! Shoutout to @CommonGayTweets for singing my life with each word. Guys be like "I'm not talking to anyone else" — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 12, 2014 me in a room full of hot guys — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 12, 2014 When tops bottom for the first time — Common Gay Boy (@CommonGayTweets) July 18, 2014 "Please be gay. Please be gay. Please […]

15 SHOCKING Gay Marriage Statistics to Inspire Your Future Wedding

The depressing 2nd annual survey says gay couples are less likely to have a formal engagement with rings, less likely to have a ceremony, AND less likely to go on a honeymoon. WTF? Guys we are wayyy too fabulous for this! Read the stats below and post your thoughts in the comments below. 1. As marriage equality continues to be legalized in more states across the country, the words “commitment ceremony” and “civil union” are […]

Grindr Overhaul Coming Soon, Adding Travel Time as New Feature

A new look to escape the negative press? The popular gay “social networking” app will debut a new look and add estimated travel time as a new feature in the coming weeks. Shout out to the model Kyle Goffney in these press renders of the update!

7 Gay Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Waiting on the food and fireworks? Here’s some films you can watch while you wait. From a Black, gay musical to a trans man porn star documentary… there’s a feature film for every taste. Four “As a middle-aged black man goes on a date with a young white man he met on the Internet, his teen daughter spends an evening with an ex-basketball star. But their attempts to make intimate connections are hindered by the […]