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8 Gay Pride Rules All Men & Their Friends Need RIGHT Now!


  The ‘Noah’s Arc‘ Reunion in Puerto Rico, Miami Sizzle, Black gay pride in DC, and many other events around the globe are happening this weekend. So there’s no time like the present to make a few commandments to live by while partying. 1. Thou shall pay or thou can’t stay. Settle all debts over rooms, riding, dining, etc. beforehand so there’s no drama later. This one is no joke. 2. Thou shall not starve […]

17 Gay Black Men Smooching & Slobberin’ on Bae to Pull @ Your Heart Strings #LoveWins


Church Queens — 5 Ways You Annoy EVERYBODY Else!


  Why the sight and sound of these two words just take people to another level? Church queens…chiiiiiile. — AZ (@ill_finesse) September 14, 2014 Church Queens are the worst but to God be the glory — 313nMe (@sumthingNu) May 1, 2016 Fashion is like preparing for convocation EVERY day. church queens love a good blazer. I swear they would wear a blazer to the gym if possible. — yng, gifted, & blk ☥ (@thetrillgent) […]

Men With Big Balls Are More Likely To Be Man Sluts, Study Suggests


  Researchers at University of Oslo have a rather interesting reason for saying “primates with bigger testicles were more likely to be unfaithful”. Assistant Professor Petter Bøckman says: We can determine the degree of fidelity in the female by looking at the size of the male’s testicles. The less faithful the female, the larger the male’s testicles. If the male will only fertilise one female and has no competitors, he only needs sufficient sperm to […]

New Gay Series ‘Bashful’ Is Going to be INTERESTING! Watch This


  Trade asked while taking off Sebastian’s clothes, “Are you a top or a bottom?” When Bash replied, “Fight me for it”, I knew this trailer had my attention. Does that make me a whore? June 2016 will bring a new gay web series ‘Bashful‘ about a trio of friends being funny and lighthearted while trying to deal with their own issues. Look at the booty on this fine specimen. I’m sure he can solve […]

15 Penis Facts You Should Know – Most Men Are Growers, Premature Ejaculate & More

eggplant Dick is a powerful drug. Let the church say amen?! And, in order to keep our favorite drug of choice at it’s maximum potency, here’s 15 tips about the male sex organ you should definitely write down and store for later. PENIS FACT #1 Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if […]

10 Sex Tips Tops Wish Bottoms Knew About GOOD SEX


  I wonder how sex tips were spread to the masses before the internet? Hmm… While perusing Tumblr shortly after midnight for research purposes I stumbled upon this article where gay porn blogger PoundnStulla rationed some blessings to help bottoms be better in the sack. Here we go! 1. It Is About The Ass Let me break it down for you. As a top, it is never about your face, how great your personality is […]

These Gay Granddads Wedding Video Will Make You Cry, But You Have to Watch It!


  “Marriage is an enhancement to the relationship we have,” says one of the granddads. After meeting through a mutual friend Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones endured Vietnam deployment, adopting a child, and waiting decades until same-sex marriage became legal to get their big day. Watch Lewis & Billy share their 46-year relationship with you. [video link]

11 Jackd Picture Shenanigans We’re T-I-R-E-D Of


  Let’s just get right to it, please! 1. When he doesn’t have nann picture on his profile and ask if you want to fuck RIGHT NOW. Source Tumblr 2. Sending you 7 unannounced dick pics (and 2 of the cakes with the cheeks spread in case of a flip flop situation).

11 Black Gay News Stories That Slayed 2015


  With 1.02 million views here at for 2015 it’s safe to say that Black, gay lives matter. The “piece of burger” saga (and the arrest that followed), gay frat brothers answering why they avoid the LGBT community, trans men having their first series, and so much more! Here are a few of the posts you saw and shared the most (in no particular order). – The #1 viewed post is Patrik-Ian Polk and […]