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These Gay Granddads Wedding Video Will Make You Cry, But You Have to Watch It!


  “Marriage is an enhancement to the relationship we have,” says one of the granddads. After meeting through a mutual friend Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones endured Vietnam deployment, adopting a child, and waiting decades until same-sex marriage became legal to get their big day. Watch Lewis & Billy share their 46-year relationship with you. [video link]

11 Jackd Picture Shenanigans We’re T-I-R-E-D Of


  Let’s just get right to it, please! 1. When he doesn’t have nann picture on his profile and ask if you want to fuck RIGHT NOW. Source Tumblr 2. Sending you 7 unannounced dick pics (and 2 of the cakes with the cheeks spread in case of a flip flop situation).

11 Black Gay News Stories That Slayed 2015


  With 1.02 million views here at for 2015 it’s safe to say that Black, gay lives matter. The “piece of burger” saga (and the arrest that followed), gay frat brothers answering why they avoid the LGBT community, trans men having their first series, and so much more! Here are a few of the posts you saw and shared the most (in no particular order). – The #1 viewed post is Patrik-Ian Polk and […]

Gays Get Ready — Documentary ‘No Fats No Femmes’ Is About to Slay! [VIDEO]


  It’s preference not discrimination! That’s what the LGBT community has been yelling for years. But, what is the true tea?

15 Wedding Songs Gay Couples Should Play in 2016


  There has been a lot of wedding coverage here at and while enjoying the current engagement season here’s a few songs that are highly recommended for wedding season 2016. Damien Crawford – ‘Love Over Life’ [video link]

‘True Life: Gay for Pay’ Airing Tonight! Watch This Preview


  A married man looking to take care of his family and another man struggling to keep his online fame from his girlfriend are the stars on tonight’s episode of ‘True Life: I’m Gay for Pay‘. RELATED: Gay For Stay – Men’s Prison Sex Habits Exposed in New Short Film

Jack’d Etiquette – 5 Tips for Getting Some GOOD Peen Tonight!


  “If you not sending me a message I can understand how you gon’ get some dick?” Supaman asks. There’s some must see tips for making sure you catfishers out there in the video below. Plus, a special tip for bottoms who brag on their services: “Don’t do all this talking about fucking and you gone ride it like this and you gone surfboard and you can hang off the shower curtain rod and you […]

Gay Tops That Have Bottomed Before … Why Y’all Be Lying? Huh?

 This is the part where a peer-reviewed comment about sexuality evolving and heartfelt concern about standing in your truth slay you before the reckoning. Now, get into this read: I noticed a lot of tops now a days more willing to bottom. Despite the image they try to keep up, many of them experienced it. But what’s more sad is when a top claims he never bottomed and would never do it. Meanwhile there’s photos […]



  A photo posted by Kevin Carnell (@kevincarnell) on Nov 19, 2014 at 2:17pm PST Summer in Australia starts December 1st! So yeah, don’t judge my tardiness. The annual Gay Travel Index was just released by Spartacus, a gay travel specialty company, and they’ve rated the most inclusive versus viciously obtrusive travel destinations for the LGBT community. The brutal 14-point scoring system – including gay nightlife, customs regulations, hate crimes, HIV travel restrictions, and laws […]

LGBT Episode of MTV’s ‘True Life’ Set to Air this Week [VIDEO]


 [video link] Two people who don’t subscribe to the “male” or “female” identities given to them at birth tell their stories this week on MTV’s hit show. ‘True Life: I’m Genderqueer‘ follows Jacob, 24, and Brennan, 17, this Tuesday, November 17 at 11p/10c. Press play above and get your life.