15 SHOCKING Gay Marriage Statistics to Inspire Your Future Wedding

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The depressing 2nd annual survey says gay couples are less likely to have a formal engagement with rings, less likely to have a ceremony, AND less likely to go on a honeymoon. WTF? Guys we are wayyy too fabulous for this!
Read the stats below and post your thoughts in the comments below.

1. As marriage equality continues to be legalized in more states across the country, the words “commitment ceremony” and “civil union” are becoming scarcer. Eighty-two percent of same-sex couples refer to this occasion as their wedding in invitations, up from 70 percent in 2013.

2. Seventy-one percent of same-sex couples will have a ceremony and reception, as opposed to 96 percent1 of straight couples. Twelve percent of same-sex couples will only have a ceremony, and 7 percent of couples are planning to simply host a reception.

3. Same-sex couples are less likely to have a formal proposal (58 percent) than straight couples (94 percent) 1.

4. Proposing with a ring is not as common for same-sex couples, with about two out of three couples (62 percent) exchanging an engagement ring before or after the proposal.

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7 Gay Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

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Waiting on the food and fireworks? Here’s some films you can watch while you wait. From a Black, gay musical to a trans man porn star documentary… there’s a feature film for every taste.


“As a middle-aged black man goes on a date with a young white man he met on the Internet, his teen daughter spends an evening with an ex-basketball star. But their attempts to make intimate connections are hindered by the secrets each holds.”

Call Me Kuchu

“This powerful film follows David Kato, the first openly homosexual man in Uganda, as he fights the nation’s looming anti-gay laws. When he’s murdered soon after a major victory, it leaves those who looked to him for inspiration searching for answers.”

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Jensen Atwood, Julian Serrano & More Attending Dominican Vacation for Labor Day Weekend

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Gaylebrities including comedian Sampson McCormick, singer Damien Crawford, twerk king Julian Serrano… child the list goes on and on… will be in the Dominican Republic for Labor Day Weekend.

With an all-black party, toga party, fashion show, and bowties and bikinis event set to slay the land for DR Takeover, the new management of the annual vacation are really hype about what’s to come.

I will be in attendance giving y’all fevuh on my Facebook and Instagram profiles and would love to see you there. Check out some pictures/videos from last year’s event below then get to DRTakeover14.com to book your room ASAP.

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The Men of Sizzle Miami 2014 [Pics + Video]

Was attendance lower this year or did you guys not take your phones?

For Sizzle Miami 2013 I was overloaded with photos and videos to choose from for all three days and ended up making multiple posts to keep up. But, this year it was best to wait until the end of the event to blog about it. The event did announce it was relocating to South Beach, send out safety notices, change the location back to downtown Miami, and blah blah blah. But, I genuinely still expected more online love for THE Miami Sizzle. The stars still came out as T.S. Madison, Carmen Carrera and comedienne Luennell are in the photos. Did you attend Sizzle 2014? Leave your thoughts below.

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