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27 Gay Black Couples to Inspire Your Cuffing Season Relationship Goals

The weather is changing and having a buddy nearby for prime time television (or to sponsor Chipotle sometimes) would be a blessing. Check out these photos and get ready to update your online profiles from no strings attached to kissing required.

Gay Dating “INTERVIEW” Questions to Ask Your Potential Bae [VIDEO]

“The first date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship,” Andrew Maisonette tells his viewers. Around the 5:25 mark in the video below Andrew realizes after recent fails it may be more important to have some dialogue with his online suitors. RELATED: 5 Tips for Dating A Big-Boned Brother When is it appropriate to ask if a guy has children? Where is the appropriate place to have the HIV and STI conversation? How […]

Gay Web Series ‘About Him’ Starts A Body Party in Episodes 11 & 12 [WATCH]

Vincent and Damien get a visit from a high school classmate in the upcoming episodes of ‘About Him‘. And, what better way to say hello than to get naked? Justin has already confessed a few things but of course there’s more to tell about his summer activities.

Gay Threesome Gets REALLY Awkward on ‘Bashful’, Watch This!

In the words of Nene Leakes, “It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about it.” And, our friend Bash just might have to say he’ll be friends with these two after their seeing their three way bing bang session needed wayyy more lube. If you haven’t been watching ‘Bashful‘ get your edges anchored in the Lord! But, before you do that press play and get into this love session.

PLOT TWIST! New Film ‘Life Event’ Is Worth The Watch

GODDAMN! What one person orders $40 worth of take out? It looks like the epiphany Murph is about to have about turning 30 years old will be the best thing to ever happen since making time to go to the d*mn grocery store. This week as a part of Issa Rae’s #ShortFilmSundays we’ve been blessed with a screening of this R. Michael Thomas original. Press play and thank me later.

Gay Web Series ‘The Chadwick Journals’ Is Back! [VIDEO]

‘The DL Chronicles‘ creators Deondray Gossett and Quincy Lenear are back with season two of their online series ‘The Chadwick Journals‘. “I’m being sincere… I wanna f*** you,” Donovan revealed in the episode that started it all. “You a pretty a** nigga. Anybody ever tell you that?” But, Donovan soon found out the money he’d be receiving came with conditions beyond sex.

7 Gay Bathhouse Tips Before Your Next Session Recent conversations with my friends have somehow landed on bathhouses…the place where many men go to have anonymous encounters. From those conversations and some online research here are seven recommendations for having a healthy and fun experience.

8 Gay Pride Rules All Men & Their Friends Need RIGHT Now!

The ‘Noah’s Arc‘ Reunion in Puerto Rico, Miami Sizzle, Black gay pride in DC, and many other events around the globe are happening this weekend. So there’s no time like the present to make a few commandments to live by while partying. 1. Thou shall pay or thou can’t stay. Settle all debts over rooms, riding, dining, etc. beforehand so there’s no drama later. This one is no joke. 2. Thou shall not starve themselves […]

17 Gay Black Men Smooching & Slobberin’ on Bae to Pull @ Your Heart Strings #LoveWins

Church Queens — 5 Ways You Annoy EVERYBODY Else!

Why the sight and sound of these two words just take people to another level? Church queens…chiiiiiile. — AZ (@ill_finesse) September 14, 2014 Church Queens are the worst but to God be the glory — 313nMe (@sumthingNu) May 1, 2016 Fashion is like preparing for convocation EVERY day. church queens love a good blazer. I swear they would wear a blazer to the gym if possible. — yng, gifted, & blk ☥ (@thetrillgent) May […]