Tiffany Evans

Sex Playlist: Tiffany Evans Craves Round Two on ‘T.M.I.’

You know it’s serious when she calls out at work! So, get your banana, your pork sausage, your push pop or whatever you call that thang and get it to Tiffany Evans doorstep quick! LOL Tiffany’s new EP ‘All Me‘ is due October 30th. Press play and get a tease of what’s to come.

Columbus Short Is The Video Vixen for Tiffany Evans ‘Baby Don’t Go’ [WATCH]

Did he take his shirt off? Is he wearing the Vaseline baby oil gel? You know it’s how out here for a former Shondaland front man. All jokes aside press play and dig into the latest video from Tiffany Evans. The scene during the second verse is going to surprise you. [video link]

Columbus Short Breaks Tiffany Evans Heart in ‘Baby Don’t Go’

“Where your head’s at? Where you been at?” T dot demands on her new single. But it doesn’t seem like former ‘Scandal‘ star Columbus Short has many answers. Watch the lyric video above and enjoy the sneak peek photos from the full video. Like the song? Click here and buy ‘Baby Don’t Go’ on iTunes. Your thoughts?

NEW MUSIC: Tiffany Evans – ‘Baby Don’t Go’

The now 22-year-old diva is telling bae to get his life together because things are about to go awry. Press play and listen to Tiffany Evans single as we prepare for a new EP release in 2015. [listen link] Source: Yahoo! Music

Tiffany Evans Announces Valentine's Day Mixtape & Covers Brave Magazine [PHOTOS]

When Beyonce said women bare the children and get back to business she was NOT playing! R&B sanger Tiffany Evans got married and had a baby late last year. But, Tiff is preparing to smash your iPods and Zunes (do they still make those) with her new mixtape ‘143’ dropping February 12th. Hopefully it’s some baby making jams on there because ‘You Got A Woman‘ from her last release STILL makes me wet. #NoHomo Also, […]

Tiffany Evans Releases New Single + Pregnant & Married!

Tiffany Evans done traded in her promise ring and her Chasity belt for a wedding ring and a child. R&B powerhouse announced exclusively to essence magazine that she is married and expecting. Who’s your celebrity crush? EVANS: Well… might I say, I don’t have a celebrity crush considering I’m married! (giggles and laughs) No one knows. I’ve been married for two years. He is the love of my life and I love him very […]

VIDEO: Tiffany Evans – 'Won't Find Me'

The head honcho of Little Lady Entertainment ditches city life for the boonies in the video for ‘Won’t Find Me.’ The dance-heavy visual shows Tiffany Evans leaving her man after man after the drama becomes too much. She was definitely right…that place she went to, I don’t think anybody would think to look there LOL. Check out the video below: [video link] Your Thoughts?

SNEEK PEEK: Tiffany Evans 'Won't Find Me' video.

Tiffany Evans recently released her infectious single ‘Wont Find Me‘ from her upcoming mixtape. And now, we have footage of her prepping the video. She’s going all out in the photos. I’m still wondering what that is her hair is attached to. And, the choreography (in the video below) goes hard.  I really want the best for Miss Evans. She seems to be a hard worker and dedicated to her craft. Check her out in […]

WATCH: Tiffany Evans channels inner diva for photoshoot.

Most people remember singer Tiffany Evans from her hit ‘Promise Ring,’ or more recently when she covered Beyoncé’s ‘1+1.’ Now, after her short stint of being managed by Matthew Knowles, we see Tiffany is back to independently promote her new song ‘Won’t Find Me‘ from her new mixtape. The set is scheduled to drop this weekend and Tiffany seems more determined than ever to get her next big hit. Check out video from her recent photo shoot for […]

Beyoncé Cover – Tiffany Evans remixes '1+1'[listen link] I guess Tiffany Evans is no longer rocking that ‘Promise Ring!’ In today’s Tiffany Tuesday’s clip we hear Tiffany go off about finding out where her man was the night before: You said it was nothing between y’all last nightfound out it was something when she came to me trying to fightI don’t know much about this world and lifebut I know two wrongs don’t make this right Get his ass, Girl! Listen […]