OMG! ‘Scandal’ Teaser for Season 4 is Here! [VIDEO]

Olivia Pope will be devastated by Harrison’s death. Show creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed that right here last month. But, that’s if we can find her first. Watch the first teaser for ‘Scandal‘ Season 4 below. [video link]

Wanna Watch HBO Movie ‘The Normal Heart’ Online?

Ryan Murphy directed an amazing movie about HIV/AIDS activist Larry Kramer and the struggles of dealing with the virus in the 1980’s. The film has an 8 out of 10 rating on IMDb and people are saying it will leave you in tears.

Drinking Game for 'American Horror Story' Fans

Drink every time… 1. Someone says “witch”. 2. Fiona mentions her age, aging, youth, etc. 3. Addie hears someone’s thoughts. 4. Someone dies. 5. Someone uses telekinesis. 6. Madison fights with Queenie. 7. A dead person comes back to life. 8. There’s man butt on the screen. 9. Madame LaLaurie complains about living in modern day. 10. Zoe spills the beans. 11. Madison flirts with someone. 12. Someone says “supreme”. 13. Cordelia fights with her […]

WATCH: Wendy Williams Teases 'R&B Divas: LA' Reunion with Kelly Price, Michel'le & More

The look on Wendy Williams‘ face already lets me know she’s here for the tea (not the drinking kind) and free finger foods. Check out three previews of the ‘R&B Divas: LA – Reunion (Part 1)’ airing Wednesday September 4th on TV One. Michel’le Addresses Fake Marriage to Suge Knight[video link]

10 Reasons to Watch the #ScandalBET Marathon by @KidFury

Catch the entire series from the beginning on BET today (Aug. 10) starting at 8a/7c! Kid Fury is so spot on with all of his reasons, especially number four. Press play on the video below and get your life.

WATCH: Gay Couple Featured on #Catfish Episode Two!

Bombed in Iraq, Anthony suffered a broken hip, femur, ankle, and a brain injury as an E5 in the U.S. Army.  Sis, prepare to add a broken heart to that list. Things were Snuggle soft when Nev and Max first met Miss Anthony (aka Kush Blaze bka Skorpio Dymond on Facebook), telling them “I am 100% in love with [Marq]. And, I know I don’t want to be with anybody else from him.” But you […]

Tonight on 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' – Mimi's Boyfriend Wants A Threesome

Nikko is not too happy about Stevie J gifting Mimi a Beamer on last week’s episode. And, tonight the pair talk about another recent event that’s keeping them from having peace. “Because you’re insecure that’s why you had to holla at Karlie Redd? I spoke to her today,” Mimi confesses during her monologue break up rant. “You trying to get at her. You trying to get her number or you trying to contact her. You […]

Gay Reality Show 'Tha Life: Atlanta' Dropped A New Episode…

Dr. George Smith is STILL trying to make this show happen. The lack of fucks was so immaculate back in February 2011 when he dropped the first episode. But, they say persistence will take you far. In this new installment Dr. Smith throws a party (for some reason I don’t remember) and tells his date both of them will be keeping a journal their first 90 days of getting to know each other. Cute idea […]

Rasheeda's Husband Addresses Divorce Rumors: 'We Definitely Friends, She's Emotional'

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Kirk Frost was supposed to either flat foot deny allegations that Rasheeda’s sideburns have finally got on his last nerve, or confess he still swimmin’ deep up in her ocean. Instead, via Hip Hop Daily, he gave us this: “Have things gotten rough for us? Yes. You guys are gonna see a lot of it on the show. A lot of the stuff honestly we put it on broadway. […]

WATCH: @RuPaulsDragRace – Season 5 Episode 10

Bye Jinkx Monsoon! I am on a personal mission to have this girl eliminated! On the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race they do a mini challenge, a main one, and at the end one of these hoes goes back home to warming up noodles in the microwave. LOL! Didn’t think I would ruin it did you!? But I will say Coco Montrese is overly confident to have been in the bottom two the most […]