He’s Bisexual?! Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Steps Out of the Closet [VIDEO]

In an open letter submitted to Out Sports wrestler Anthony Bowens confesses he wants to live his truth: I am a professional wrestler. My “wardrobe” is basically a pair of creatively designed underwear that hugs my muscular frame and leaves little to the imagination. My job description is to entertain fans through body language, story lines featuring over-the-top characters and, well, grappling other men dressed in a similar way. Understandably, being openly bisexual could be perceived […]

#nowplaying Tiffany Evans & Fetty Wap – ‘On Sight’

Summer cruising jam on fleek!

WATCH: Tami Roman on First Episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’

Tami Roman & Reggie Youngblood join four other couples known for their stints on television to either mend or end their relationships. “How many bitches were you fucking?” Tami asks Reggie. Will Reggie have a tolerable answer? Reggie wants to get married and have children while Tami is divorced and pushing her two teens out the door to be done with ties to home life. How will it all end? Get your first clue now.

‘Scandal’ Sneak Peek! Olivia Pope Asks WHERE IS THE BLACK LADY?

Will Olivia Pope & Associates ever return back to normal or will PTSD ruin the woman, the gladiator we once knew? Here’s three sneak peek moments into the next episode. Sneak Peek 1 – Beg for Forgiveness  [video link]

Sheree is Returning to TV! Watch Her Plea for Companionship & Great Sex [VIDEO]

Sheree Whitfield returns to Bravo and opens up about being ready for love, and what she’s missed most about a relationship.Can ‘Millionaire Matchmakers‘ Patti Stanger help this former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star find the He to her She by Sheree?

GAY WEDDING: John & Danny’s ‘Top of the Line’ Nuptial

LGBT couples in Tennessee were recently denied marriage equality. Why? Part of the problem is the 6th circuit court doesn’t think same-gender loving couples exist. As we wait to see if the appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court – who has approved appeals from 24 of the last 25 cases they’ve taken on from the 6th circuit – watch below as Memphians John & Danny Woods Caruthers (ages 54 and 58) tie the knot at Top […]

Rihanna Charging $15,000 For A Meet & Greet? Here’s the Details

Rihanna‘s going on tour in 2015! There’s no word if or when she will release an album before hitting the road. But, according to Gavel & Grand the ‘Diamonds’ singer is offering two VIP tickets to the concert of your choice with car service and a meet and greet afterwards anywhere in the world next year.

Sneak Peek: ‘Scandal’ (Season 4 / Episode 7)

Olivia Pope’s phone is ringing and it’s a man. Will it be Jake or will it be Fitz? Press play and get a preview of tonight’s episode of ‘Scandal‘. [video link]

Gay Men: Do People Ask If You’re A “Friend of Dorothy’s”?

Oh, the things you will discover while reading about going on a cruise! As I sat here reading about straight men lingering around at “Friends of Dorothy” Parties on cruise ships I wondered, ‘who the f*ck is Dorothy’? This is all the research I found. Use via Yahoo! Answers It’s super old-school gay code. We used to get beaten up and/or killed if people knew we were gay, so we found ways to see if […]

Tami Roman Confirms Spin-Off ‘Roman Empire’

‘Basketball Wives’ Miami became a snooze fest after Evelyn Lozada ruined it crying over Chad Ochocinco all season. Then the heffar up and quit! But, Tami Roman is not letting her shine go to waste. Fellow blogger The Jasmine Brand has put together a fabulous montage of interview quotes and photos inquiring about the show that’s rumored to be about Tami’s new fame, her daughters, and real life friends. Tami herself tweeted back giving confirmation. […]