Wendy Williams

Caught Sucking Sausage? Wendy Williams Talks About When Her Son Caught Her in the Act! [VIDEO]

“Who talks to the kid? He’s 13 years old. Will be traumatized?” Wendy Williams asks. But, she quickly solves her own conundrum. “He knows what the fuck time it is. He needs to be happy his parents are still together and love each other.” Wendy Williams’ comedy tour got really real this summer (and I hate that I spent $195 for the Memphis date and it got cancelled the day of the show.). Peep this […]

Wendy Responds to #AaliyahMovie Backlash with MAJOR Shade [VIDEO]

Why be so nasty and so rude when you can be SO successful? “We all have opinions,”Wendy Williams said from her big, purple chair. By now you know practically nobody on the internet was happy with the Aaliyah biopic she executive produced and bragged about for months that finally aired over the weekend. Today on her daytime talk show she stated:

UH OH: Pebbles Reid Headed to 'Wendy Williams Show' to Discuss TLC Drama

Per Wendy’s official site, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid is coming to the couch this Wednesday (Nov. 13) to discuss how she discovered TLC back in 1991, and how she was portrayed in their biopic ‘Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story’.

In the past, Wendy has said…

FINALLY: Wendy Williams Hosting A CUTE Lil Reunion Show

The Kelly Price and Chante Moore beef is just now coming to a head; but by the time Wednesday September 4th gets here they’ll be sitting on the couch to get their free reading from Wendy Williams thanks to TV One. ‘R&B Divas: LA‘ is a surprise hit for the network (as I’ve seen them brag about their ratings a million times) so it’s only right they bring the #1 messy queen in to wrap […]

Momma Dee Reads Wendy Williams: ‘You Don’t Know Us B***h!’

Time to hop in Momma Dee’s ‘Lac and ride out to Jersey! Last week Wendy Williams threw shade to ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ saying the show made her embarrassed to be black, and nobody but Joseline would ever be invited on her couch. Welp. Lil Sc…

Tami Roman Blasts The FDA Decision to Give "Plan B" Pill to 12-Year-Old Girls

Wendy Williams says the Plan B pill is for “stupid young girls” on prom night, or living in poverty, who have unprotected sex and get pregnant. Jesus, be a fence with barbed wire and Keyshia Cole albums wrapped around it. Thank God Tami Roman was on set for the ‘Hot Talk’ segment yesterday and offered a more rational explanation of the federal judge’s demand for the the abortion pill to be an over the counter […]

Kandi Recommends Wendy Williams SHUT THE HELL UP & Keep Todd's Name Out Her Mouth!

The shade is thick for lie spreading, shit talker Wendy Williams. Last night Kandi Burruss appeared on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ to promote Atlanta Housewives and a caller asked Kandi what she thinks of Wendy and other blogs saying her boo thang is an opportunist. Kandi had a lot to say and it’s NOT nice!

Wendy Williams Says Black Women Are Jealous of Her Boogie

Don’t like Wendy Williams? She’s says it’s probably because you can’t stand that she has money for plastic surgery. And to make sure you stay mad, she will continue to slay your existence with more surgery if/when she sees fit. “They are very jealous a…

MUST SEE: Wendy Williams' Eerie Remembrance of Whitney Houston.

And the support for Whitney Houston continues to pour. During  The Wendy Williams Show today the usually upbeat daytime diva delivered a chilling tribute to the fallen singer. “After I say what I say I’m not talking about it anymore … I’m out,” Wendy said in her disclaimer. Afterwards Wendy reflected on meeting Whitney back in ’85 when she first came to Wendy’s station and talked about how they had so much in common – […]

Brandy Talks Album Release Date, Kim K., & Love on 'Wendy.'

Could Brandy ever serve side eye fever considering her lids are already on opposite ends of her face? No shade, I just had to ask. Now, back to what you came here for… “Finally!” Brandy says cheerfully when asked if she’s in love. With so many projects in the works – BET’s ‘The Game’ premieres tomorrow (Jan. 10th), a role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film ‘The Marriage Counselor,’ and a new album dropping May 2012 – it was […]