Who Da F%#k Want War??

CHURCH SHADE: John P. Kee Defends Tonex Against ‘Old Secret, Closet Shebears’ In the Pulpit [VIDEO]

Isn’t Tonex the newly-rebranded B. Slade? Back in October gospel vet John P. Kee performed at Bishop Charles Blakes’ West Angeles COGIC church, according to A Toast 2 Wealth. While there Kee invited other known names in music on stage to perform with him including Joshua Rogers from ‘Sunday’s Best’.

Man Jailed for Posting His Ex’s Nudes to Their Employer’s Facebook [VIDEO]

One year in jail and three years probation for revenge porn? Mehh… I’ll pass! On Monday, Noe Iniguez in Los Angeles became the first person to ever be jailed for California’s new non-consensual pornography law according to a new video by SourceFed. Thirteen states – Ariz., Calif., Colo., Del., Ga., Hawaii, Idaho, Md., New York, Penn., Utah, Va., and Wisconsin – have enacted revenge porn laws since 2013.

WATCH: Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams Reuniting on the Next #RHOA?

The brawl between these two happened more than six months ago. And, under the saying time heals all wounds, is it time for these two to make up for the sake of “friendship”? Umm…not so fast!

Wendy Responds to #AaliyahMovie Backlash with MAJOR Shade [VIDEO]

Why be so nasty and so rude when you can be SO successful? “We all have opinions,”Wendy Williams said from her big, purple chair. By now you know practically nobody on the internet was happy with the Aaliyah biopic she executive produced and bragged about for months that finally aired over the weekend. Today on her daytime talk show she stated:

Nene Leakes Blasts Wendy Williams Over Defaced Birkin Bag

Oh gworl … the lives of the rich and famous! Last week the ‘very rich’ Leakes decided to personalize one of her many overpriced bags with sayings she uses on the daily. Welp. Talk show host Williams said the bag is already expensive as hell and why would Leakes would do such a thing. In this open letter Leakes reveals why and manages to promote her upcoming ventures.

RuPaul BLASTS Logo: ‘I Pay the F%kin’ Light Bill Over There!’

These television networks really like turning on the people who help them. In a awry turn of events over the last few months of the legendary RuPaul using ‘tranny’ and ‘shemale’ on his hit LOGO show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘, the network has cut the use of anything that could possibly seem transphobic from the show. However, that has not stopped RuPaul from saying in his interviews that he thinks it’s stupid and the trans community […]

NEW VIDEO: Keyshia Cole & Juicy J – ‘Rick James’

She’s back to old Keysh and I’m here for it! We all have the estranged ex-hubby Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson to thank for all of his extramarital going ons. Keyshia Cole’s new album ‘Point of No Return’ drops later this year. Until then, press play above and try to not get whiplash.

Shade to Chante Moore? Kelly Price Puts Kenni Lattimore In ‘It’s My Time’ Video

We all know ‘R&B Divas: LA’ didn’t end too well as music legends Chante Moore and Kelly Price ended their longtime friendship over Chante’s supposed jealousy, and other delusional reasons in Kelly’s mind. It looks like Kelly is still holding that grudge, even casted Chante’s ex in her new video! Press play and watch the two play best buddies. I guess he’s on Team Kelly since Chante didn’t squash those ‘is he gay’ rumors from […]

Tamar Braxton Blasts Kenya Moore: ‘She Wouldnt Try Nene’s Man Like That!’

We already know how this is going to end. Kenya if you’re reading this please be kind. In a recent interview with The Russ Parr Morning Show Tamar shades Kenya Moore’s activity with Phaedra Parks’ husband on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’… kinda! “I’m not talking about Kenya per se, but just any woman who feels like it’s okay to have somebody’s husband and have a conversation with them one on one. And try to […]

Beyonce Shades Target by Shopping @ Wal-Mart & Giving Customers Money [VIDEO]

Tewksbury,Massachusetts, wherever the heck that is, got the surprise of a lifetime when Beyonce dropped by the store around 7:45 p.m. EST tonight and took over the announcing system: “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers. It’s Beyonce!” After broadcasting her new album ‘Beyonce‘ is available now she made another revelation.”I wanted to give everyone a little gift. For everyone in the store right now the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me.” Earlier today Beyonce’s team announced […]