Who Naked This Time?

Jason Derulo Gets “Naked” & K. Michelle Joins Him [VIDEO]

B-O-D-Y! Jason has a special Valentine’s Day gift for his fans. Derulo’s post-breakup with Jordin Sparks is featured in the lyrics to get the blog headlines. But, the main feature for the next three minutes is definitely his body. Press play. [video link]

Mens Are Gettin’ Naked to Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness, See the Photos!

A few months ago men were posting naked, shower selfies for #WeAreAllClean (click here to see the hottest pics). Now I’ve discovered models, bloggers, activists and gaylebrities of all kinds are coming together to help photographer Jr Christiansen and his initiative for HIV/AIDS education and awareness. Rumor has it some of the spicier photos are being compiled for a 2016 calendar. Yes Gawd! See more photos below: View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

DICK PLEASE! August Alsina Makes Up for Missing Music with New Instagram Photo

New Orleans stand up! RELATED: August Alsina Drops His Pants in New Selfie The NOLA native is still sad about y’all breaking into his producers car and stealing the hard drive with his soothing sounds on it. But, he knows how to keep the ladies (and gay mens) wet.

Bulges & Booty Are EVERYWHERE in the ‘Triangle’ Season 2 Promos [WATCH]

June 30th the day ‘Triangle‘ returns for a few bonus episodes ahead of their venture with OUT TV. Press play below and get into this ‘Body Party‘ strip tease along with actor Terrill Ross who will be in the Dominican Republic for Labor Day weekend serving up some steamy foreplay.

NSFW: Dick & Balls of Lebron James Air on Live TV! Thanks Camera Man!

Y’all gone get enough of constantly putting the camera on Lebron James! Last night while the NBA star was being masculine and adjusting his balls before Game 4 started the camera man at ABC zoomed in on his waist line. Welp. Lebron finally gave the people what they’ve always wanted to see…DICK! SEE THE NSFW IMAGE BELOW

Porn Video Resurfaces from RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant Violet Chachki?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Violet Chachki (@violetchachki) on May 12, 2015 at 3:57am PDT The things I receive to my inbox! A certain “model” on BoyFun.com has a striking resemblance to the Season 7 star from LOGO’s hit show ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race‘, according to a fan who messaged me last night. I should stop by the “ethnics” section and see what other contestants may be lurking around.

Naked Man Uses His Wee Wee to Paint A Masterpiece On A Mountain Cliff [WATCH]

He got a big _____ and know how to use it! Y’all remember that song? Award winning performance artist Brent Ray Fraser from Canada just successfully executed that song with his latest adventure. After using his penis to paint a portrait of Jesus – click here to watch that – Brent proves ain’t no mountain high enough with his latest venture. THIS VIDEO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK but press play and get your life.

Sex Tape from ‘Pretty Ricky’ Singing Group Hits the Net? It’s A Nice Piece But Stroke Game is WACK!

Slick em done made it to WorldStar… allegedly! A video uploaded to World Star Uncut on Tuesday (Feb. 24th) titled “Slick’em Of R&B / Hip Hop Group “Pretty Ricky” Sex Tape” shows a chocolate man with long dreads receiving oral sex, putting on a Trojan Magnum condom, and engaging in penetration with a really nice piece of morning meat.

Men Are Getting Naked for the #BlizzardChallenge on Instagram [VIDEOS]

What’s the point of these videos? Who knows?! I’m enjoying the view though! From my research it seems to have started out as the #BostonBlizzardChallenge weeks ago as weather reports show the city has received more than 8 feet of snow in the past month. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh advised people to stop this week in a press conference saying, “It’s a foolish thing to do and you could kill yourself.” It doesn’t look like […]

Dick Print, Miley Tongue & Facetime with Bae Realness: 3 Reasons to Follow This Rapper on Instagram

This 21-year-old model turn’t rapper from California has no problem giving lurkers what they need to get their life from his timeline. Sage The Gemini – aka the dude from ‘like a red nose’ and ‘Gas Pedal’ – is a must follow on IG. Check out these pictures and videos and go rape his like button. He may be young but he’s ready!