Gay Man Gets Butt Lift in Dominican Republic & Relives The Experience [VIDEO]

YouTuber Andrew Braxton went to the Dominican Republic for a Brazilian butt lift and gynecomastia excision. He admits due to his meth use in the past the anesthesia was not really working. He burned injured his penis somehow. And, there’s so much more that can’t be said in this preview. Press play to watch Andrew tell his story. Click here to watch.There are more videos in this series. Check out his channel to see more […]

Trans Men Return on ‘Eden’s Garden’ for ANOTHER Jaw Dropping Season! [WATCH]

Trans-dating and other trans-reality issues return to your screens April 2017 when trans man Seven King and his friends have another revealing season of ‘Eden’s Garden‘. Not much has been said about the upcoming season but you already know it’s going to be wild. Press play. [video link]

Gay Series ‘City Boyz DC’ Is Coming! Will You Be Watching?

One guy got exposed in church, another guy thinks his hair piece is heaven sent, and according to “Baby Janet” somebody isn’t as masculine as they would like you to believe. But, through it all, ‘City Boyz DC‘ is about the movers and shakers in District of Columbia coming together for an equality campaign. Let’s see if they ever make it to the event. Press play. [video link] Your thoughts? Comment below.

#nowplaying ‘Boy Drama’ Season 4

Raheem wants the keys to the house and isn’t afraid to use what he’s got to get what he wants. A post shared by BoyDrama The Web Series (@boydramaseries) on Aug 7, 2016 at 11:33am PDT Boydrama is on season four and has amassed over 500k views. Where have I been this whole time? Press play to see if Raheem gets his way.

SURPRISE! ‘Got 2B Real’ Released A 40-Minute Episode! [VIDEO]

All tea, all shade! YouTuber Patti Lahelle just dropped her latest parody of our favorite music divas. You will laugh, you will cry, you will press play below and get your life! [video link]

Best Lube For Gay Sex: Gun Oil, Wet Platinum, or Astroglide Premium? [VIDEO]

What is he going to do with that thing? Youtuber Martell ‘Supaman‘ Todd and the newly dubbed “Supaman Jr.” evaluate his favorite lubricants for anal sex. While endorses water-based lubes because the last 30 years of research recommends it and Gun Oil is king… different strokes for different folks. “My personal favorites are silicone lubes. [They] are a little bit more on the expensive side but they feel better to me and people that […]

Gay Web Series ‘Real Eyes Realize Real Lies’ is Back! Watch the Premiere

331k viewers from season one? The kidz are definitely living for the Memphis, TN based web series Real-Eyes Realize Real Lies. The season two premiere dropped moments ago and it looks like the drama is at all time high. There’s a funeral, a kidnapping and everything you can imagine in this 13-minute episode. What have Martez, Jonas and Zomtrez been up to? Press play below and leave your thoughts in the comments. [video link]

Bottoms, Here’s 5 Ways to Know If Your Freak Buddy is Catching Feelings [VIDEO]

Trade don’t be trynna get extra from this arrangement! If we only agreed to lick it and stick it? Why are you adding extra amenities? “There’s a lot of miscommunication.” YouTuber Martell Todd says. “A lot of times men be in your coochie, your va jay jay, your shit box, in your pink box, shit pussy -whatever you call it these days – they be in there and a lot of times bottomsĀ get confused and […]

MUST SEE: The Boots (AND THE BOOTY) ON THIS GUY Will Make You Burst Into Song [VIDEO]

You see the outfit bitch! #KillinYouHoes Donte Hall‘s remake of the Epic Strut commercial for car insurance – click here to watch the original – didn’t air during the Super Bowl but can we submit it for best ad anyway?

Gay Series Starring VERY SEXY Trans Men Is Coming, Watch This Preview!

Trans-dating and other trans-reality issues take center stage in the all male transgendered cast of Eden’s Garden. Directed by Seven King this dramedy web series with follow a group of friends as live in a world of homophobia, promiscuity, and betrayal (and hopefully some good bonding along the way). Press play and get a taste of what’s to come.