Bottoms, Here’s 5 Ways to Know If Your Freak Buddy is Catching Feelings [VIDEO]

Trade don’t be trynna get extra from this arrangement! If we only agreed to lick it and stick it? Why are you adding extra amenities? “There’s a lot of miscommunication.” YouTuber Martell Todd says. “A lot of times men be in your coochie, your va jay jay, your shit box, in your pink box, shit pussy -whatever you call it these days – they be in there and a lot of times bottoms get confused and […]

MUST SEE: The Boots (AND THE BOOTY) ON THIS GUY Will Make You Burst Into Song [VIDEO]

You see the outfit bitch! #KillinYouHoes Donte Hall‘s remake of the Epic Strut commercial for car insurance – click here to watch the original – didn’t air during the Super Bowl but can we submit it for best ad anyway?

Gay Series Starring VERY SEXY Trans Men Is Coming, Watch This Preview!

Trans-dating and other trans-reality issues take center stage in the all male transgendered cast of Eden’s Garden. Directed by Seven King this dramedy web series with follow a group of friends as live in a world of homophobia, promiscuity, and betrayal (and hopefully some good bonding along the way). Press play and get a taste of what’s to come.

Gay Web Series ‘Tha Life: Houston’ Drops 6-Minute Preview [WATCH]

Dr. George Smith isn’t done JUST YET! And rapper Fly Young Red probably won’t be happy about how he’s portrayed in this footage. In the latest installment of ‘Tha Life’ we hit Houston, Texas to discover a trans top who’s running thangs, a disgruntled gay author, and …and… some more story lines I don’t remember. Press play and get into what’s coming January 2015! [video link]

Meet The Cast of ‘Tha Life: Houston’ + Watch A Tease of The Show!

After lots of praise and opinions about ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’, producer Dr. George Smith is taking his talents down to the home of Beyonce. According to info on the gay web series’ website, “Houston is known to be in the Bible belt and is now a mecca for African American gay men and transgenders”. Dr. Smith promises to take viewers on a “journey in to complex southern urban gay world” that “does not fall short […]

WATCH: ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ – Episode One

This new gay web series might actually make the LGBT community happy. In the first episode we meet the cast and get into the first dose of drama. Should your friends have to pay in order to show support your business venture? Press play and let the ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey‘ give their opinion. [video link]

Gays Get Ready: ‘Tha Life: Houston’ Announces Premiere Date!

You guys wanted a new cast and a new city. So, Dr. George Smith has obliged. After calling for more community support in his open letter, the latest incarnation tallied over 477k in YouTube views. Are you ready for ‘Tha Life: Houston’? See Dr. George Smith’s tweet with the big date below.

New Gay Web Series ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ is Here! Watch This Preview

A failing gay marriage, a “crafty ballroom girl”, and frenemies on level ten – here’s a preview of the new gay web series ‘The Gentlemen of New Jersey‘ premiering October 27th.

Gay Wedding Update: Phylle Carter Talks Married Life on ‘The Boyz Next Door’

Last fall Atlanta residents Phylle Carter and Antoine Nolan had a fancy wedding that inspired many. Now, Phylle is starring in the gay web series ‘The Boyz Next Door’ and wastes no time in the first episode giving an update.

Beyonce Announces 'Revel' Tour DVD + Watch TWO Performances!

In a weird unofficial announcement, Beyonce uploaded two Revel performances to her YouTube page this week. The Queen’s #Back2Business residency at the Atlantic City resort from May 2012 comes as a bonus disc when you buy her documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream’ now on DVD. Check out the two songs below.