Chaka Khan Blasts Whitney Houston & Clive Davis on CNN.

Chaka Khan talks Whitney Houston with Piers Morgan on CNN

Chaka Khan, a recovering drug addict, was set to pay tribute to Whitney Houston as this year’s Grammy’s. At the last minute Chaka backed out because she was so emotional. Well, it looks like she’s recovered from her emotions and took to Piers Morgan tonight to sentence Whitney Houston and Clive Davis to the pits of … well, you know … for all the wrong decisions that were made in Whitney Houston’s last days.

From Whitney, a recovering cocaine addict, being in L.A. far too early to Clive Davis’ poor decision to continue the Pre-Grammy Gala with Whitney’s body still in the building… Chaka had more to say now that Whitney is dead than she ever publicly said when the fallen singer was alive. Get into it:

What do you think about Chaka’s comments?

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