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Check Out My New Column "OUT Matters!"

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Check Out My New Column "OUT Matters!"

So glad I can finally share this news with you! Yours truly was hand-picked for a new monthly segment on to give a round up of the biggest news stories in the LGBT community.

To kick things off, here’s a snippet of the hottest stories (in no particular order) from June 2012:


1. Nothing was better than waking up June 1st and seeing President Barack Obama declaring June 2012 as LGBT Pride Month. In his official video Obama says change is possible but it won’t happen unless we “stand up and demand it.” That means no more closets people!

2. Speaking of coming out, Frenchie Davis came out this month. Not many people seemed to care though. SAD FACE. Frenchie admitted to the St. Louis Dispatch she’s never really been in or out of a closet, but has been happily dating a woman for over a year.

3. What the tea with Madonna? While on tour this month the gay icon was spotted exposing her bare butt cheeks in one place and flashing her boob in another. GIRRRRRL. Your thirst for relevance is worse than Rihanna singing live. Have several seats.

Click here if you’re nasty enough to actually want to see a 53-year-old titty. Yes, I am judging you.

4. MARRIAGE WATCH: More Prop 8 drama – the organizers appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and asked to rehear the whole case from scratch. That’s three long years of fighting, testifying, and etc. all over again. You know what the court told them?

Damn right! Now, if they want their no marriage in the state of California law upheld they will have to go to the Supreme Court. I hate to say this… but we fear they may. However, IF they don’t, that means the gays in Cali will finally have peace!



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