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CHECK THIS OUT: S&M [B. Ames Remix] | Rihanna

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CHECK THIS OUT: S&M [B. Ames Remix] | Rihanna

From my Facebook last night:

GODDAMMIT!!! When iTell y’all my DRAMATIC ASS is running around this motherfuckin’ PLACE!!!!!! This remix is TOO MOTHERFUCKIN’ PUSSY TO BE CONTAINED!!!!!!! I cannot be still!!! B. Ames needs to be shot to death for creatin’ such a cunty ass remix!!! #iCant *faints*

As you can see, I am definitely in love with this B. Ames person I discovered on YouTube last night. He does a lot of House music, mainly used for vogueing. Or, if you a queen like me, you like to queen out around the house! LOL  His Nicki Minaj “Rah Rah Ha” and “B. Scott Mix [Part I]” are some of my other favorites.

Check out more of B. Ames music on his YouTube.

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