Ciara Addresses 'Sweat' Being a FLOP, Being Able to 'Super Bottom,' & Selling Her Big Toe Nail

It was an ‘appetizer?’ Aw ok Ciara.

DJ Whoo Kid was able to get 15 minutes with Ci Ci and interrogate her to the high heavens. Between all of the ‘OMG! You’re crazy!’ and ‘That’s turnt up!’ comments she found time to discuss the diversity of her brand. Gays, try to not laugh.

“I’ve always been able to go super bottom if I need to and I’ve always been able to go across the water,” Ciara says. Get that international coin then girl!

In addition to being a ‘super bottom’ Ci also reveals there’s a Rick Ross feature coming up on her album ‘One Woman Army.’ There was something said about auctioning off her big toe? Eww. She broke her toe nail while rehearsing for another new video that’s coming soon.

Props to Trentfor the video!

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