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Ciara Fans Demand She "Get It Together" & Explain How She Plans to be Successful

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Ciara Fans Demand She "Get It Together" & Explain How She Plans to be Successful

ciara-open-letterDear Ciara,

You may be reading this wondering why I am writing this *sips tea* We (Csquad) have it up to here with the silent treatment. There is NO way you don’t see us messaging you on Twitter. It seems like you pay more attention to the haters than the people who really LOVE you…us….

But I have had it, I am so done sweet talking you I am honestly disappointed with you and the way this project turned. From the album leak, imaginary “tour dates”, to the unreleased music you promised us and most definitely, the overdose video that is doing SO WELL on radio [in] other Countries. Ciara it is December. The last couple months Csquad has been griping our asses slandering haters left and right trying to prove to them how great you will me … but last night I thought about… you’re proving the haters right, and you know what that really hurts.

But you know what hurts the most, you making Csquad think you really wanted to be great as Michael as great as Janet. You could be greater than any female artist out today but you know what it is? Inconsistency. You and your team fail to stay consistent…idk Ci.

Remember that interview you said your wanted your album to sell half a mil or 1.5 mil or something like that?It can’t be given to you with just one promo week. And, that’s another thing. You said you wanted this era to connect with your fans. No Ci, you barely connected with us. This album era was more connected with Future. Get it together Ci. I wanna hear and see your face everywhere. Stop ignoring us. We love you.


-the thoughts of Csquad

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  1. Frederick Fredo Conley

    December 6, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Hell no, she’s clearly just in it for the money and her man at this point in her career…and that team of hers are just as lazy. It was way too many Hits on that album for anyone us to barely even remember “I’m Out”. If Riri’s “Pour It Up” can sit on the charts for weeks upon months then there should have been no reason “Keep On Lookin” , “Where You Go” or “Read My Lips” couldn’t have done the same… the sad thing about it is that she has done this isnt the first case of this with her letting this stuff happen. Ciara’s agenda: A few repetitive promos, a few appearances on a few shows(non which really cater to her audience), one or two singles and then vacation…. What Ciara NEEDS to be doing before she goes on vacation is making ALL the appearances on ALL the hot shows and then setting up tour dates! Even if its just like 10 major cities she needs to do something instead of laying in Future’s lap trying to break pregnancy rumors…GET IT TOGETHER CI!


      December 7, 2013 at 1:39 am

      Go off Fred! I really like that Ciara fans are encouraging her to be better. But, she should also want to be better for herself.

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