D*ck Biting, Molly Poppin’ Escort Charged with Second-Degree Murder After Hotel Stunts with Trade


Y’all stay poppin’ these pills n’ shit! Honey better get you a Xanax and a warm seat until Spring kicks in for real.

A man – who is not being named so the hood won’t laugh at him when he get out the hospital – went to Backpage.com last Tuesday and set up a REAL cute lil  date with an escort at the local Applebee’s in Orlando, FL with personal pleasures immediately following at the Extended Stay on University Boulevard.

Both had been drinking according to The Orlando Sentinel, he smoked marijuana in the room while she popped Ecstasy, and then things got weird. The victim reports punching, scratching, attempted eye gouging, and says “it was as if she was trying to eat my penis.” Lawd!

The woman in the next room who called 9-1-1 tells WESH-TV, “When you hear somebody saying ‘Help me… HELP ME!’ and somebody growling like a beast you’re like ‘BLOOD OF JESUS!’ What do you do?”


  • damone williams
    25 Mar 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    Lmao, another sweet brown lol

  • 2 Apr 2013 | Permalink | Reply

    oh my GAWD! this was soooo fuckin funny!! maybe I have a deranged sense of humor but to think about hearing someone growling in the next suite!! *passes out* and she was still snarling when the police got there?! *passes out again* and then that MUGSHOT!! *passes out for the remainder of the night*

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