DRAG RACE: Alyssa Edwards & Jade Jolie Get Confrontational + Roxxxy to Tribute Tamar Braxton?

After a shocking double elimination last week – and that shady question Ru does of asking who the girls want to see get the boot – Jade Jolie was not in a good mood (as usual). So what does she do? … call out Alyssa Edwards for telling Ru that Jade’s drag isn’t up to par.

“I kept it real to your face if I wanted to be dirty I could have REALLY read you!” Alyssa tells Jade in the work room. But she’s not having hunty. Catch the full tea on that in the preview below. And, who did Roxxxy Andrews just say she wanted to be in the Snatch Game?!

Alyssa vs Jade Jolie

Roxxxy: ‘I’m Going to be Toni Braxton’s Sister’

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