Drag Race Winner Sharon Needles ARRESTED, Phi Phi O'Hara Responds

Last week Sharon Needles attended a drag show in New York City at OUT Hotel. On her way back home to to Pittsburgh, PA she disappeared into what she thought was an alley between two cars to untuck and tinkle.

“I felt a tap on my shoulder—it was a policeman,” a still-shaken Needles recalls. “He asked if I usually pee on police stations, and I looked up and there it was: A police station. There were cop cars all lined in a row, but I hadn’t even noticed because I had to pee so bad.”

An attempt to reason with the officer wasn’t effective.

“I tried to apologize and said I had seen dogs pee on the street a million times and it was just natural,” she says. “I tried to explain tucking to the officer and he didn’t understand, so he took me in.”

The result? A 20 minute wait for the gift of a ticket for public urination. Not, Needles stresses, the arrest that wags have been whispering about.

Looking back on the incident, America’s Drag Sweetheart can see the humor in the situation.

“It wasn’t on purpose, but I think it was funny that it was a police station,” she says. “Because I find there’s so much unnecessary angst and brutality from American police officers.”

All in all, Needles says the ordeal wasn’t nearly as bad as has been reported.

“It wasn’t the worst thing America’s top drag queen could do,” she says, “it really sent home a message.”

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Below is how nemesis and season 4 co-star Phi Phi O’Hara responded to the situation via Twitter:

I’m jealous of @Sharon_Needles wins $100,000 & gets arrested for peeing on a police station. PS, like Absolut says…drink responsibly. ^_^

OOP! Did I detect shade?

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