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Evelyn & Jenn Discuss Twitter: Evelyn says 'Without Twitter My Life Is Nothing.'

Basketball Wives

Evelyn & Jenn Discuss Twitter: Evelyn says 'Without Twitter My Life Is Nothing.'

The cast of Basketball Wives is always at battle because of something said on Miss Twitter. My favorite moment is at the Season 3 reunion and Meeka Claxton tried it with Tami Roman. Tami went at length to shut Meeka down and clarify ‘it’s a social network! you supposed to retweet, bitch!’ HA!

As the ladies prepped for the new season, VH1 asked the former best friends in separate interviews about the site and the role it takes on in their life. While Jennifer Williams says she probably could have avoided a few confrontations… Evelyn Lozada confesses she (and her fiance Chad Ochocinco) can’t live without it:

Jennifer: If Basketball Wives didn’t have Twitter there would probably be a lot less problems… People tweet during the show, and Vh1 wants us to tweet during the show, so it can get a little messy. By the time the reunion rolls around a lot of stuff has been said on Twitter so it can get crazy at the reunion.

Evelyn: Without Twitter I think my life would be pretty boring. I met my fiance on twitter. I tweet all day everyday for those to follow me @EvelynLozada. Twitter is fun! I like to interact with the fans … I will say that me and Chad lay in bed twittering together. *giggles*

Watch both pre-season interviews in full below (because I didn’t feel like transcribing EVERY word they said):

Jennifer Williams


Evelyn Lozada

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