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Fantasia Demands Antwaun Marry Her & Raise Baby, Wendy Speaks.


Fantasia Demands Antwaun Marry Her & Raise Baby, Wendy Speaks.

Wendy Williams talks baby drama with Fantasia Barrino and Antwaun Cook

Wendy Williams always has Fantasia’s name in her mouth. In today’s Hot Topics segment Mrs. Williams referenced an article in the St. Louis American Newspaper last week where an unnamed source said Fanny wants her new baby daddy Antwaun Cook to step up to the plate. Here’s a sample of what Wendy had to say in regards:

“Fantasia, you knew he was married and unavailable to you when you started sleeping with him. A separated man does not make a single man, it means he’s separated,” Wendy says into the camera hoping to reach Fantasia. “I don’t know if it was a broken condom or you miscounted the days if you happen to take a pill but all I’m saying is you had control over this entire situation. As a wife, and I always root for the wife, you were dead wrong in this one Fantasia.”

…and that was just a preview. Watch the full clip:

[video link]

Given the source is some unnamed junkie who spoke with a newspaper 99% of the Earth never heard of before, I feel Wendy was out of place for going off in such manner. Fantasia called in once before to clear up rumors following Wendy saying Mahalia Jackson’s children allegedly stated they didn’t want a homewrecker playing their mother in an upcoming biopic. I can’t wait to see if Fantasia calls in tomorrow and goes H.A.M.

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