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FIGHT TIME: Watch Draya vs Sundy on ‘Basketball Wives: LA’

Basketball Wives LA

FIGHT TIME: Watch Draya vs Sundy on ‘Basketball Wives: LA’


Guilty by association or nah?

On last night’s episode of whatever it’s called (is anybody really watching this season) things came to a head between newcomer Sundy Carter and Draya Michele. We all know Draya is sensitive about her past but who knew it would lead to this!


Notice when Draya is talking after the fight and mentioning how ‘perfect’ everybody in the world is, she seems to be breaking down from the pressures of her celebrity and attacks on social media.

I’m glad Draya could whoop ass twice AND admit she is broken at the same damn time.

Forward to 5:50 for the drama and 7:55 for the main event.

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