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FINALLY! Dawn Richard Reveals What Caused the Danity Kane Break Up

Danity Kane

FINALLY! Dawn Richard Reveals What Caused the Danity Kane Break Up

My heart is damaged, so damaged after watching Dawn Richard reveal to Tony Moore her final moments in the multi-platinum singing group.

“I was so confused. We were in a white van, because they transport us in this Scooby Doo van every time we go do things. And we were in the car like ‘Bet! We gonna lie to Puff and we gonna tell him everything is cool. We’re not fighting. We just going to get this third album in.’ And, everybody was like ‘Agreed’. We were like we not gon’ fuss because all they had been hearing is what we had been fighting about, people not showing up to shows. That was what they knew. So we were gonna be like ‘Yay!!!’ Get this third album and then we just go our separate ways.”

However, when the ladies got to the table with Diddy things didn’t go as planned.

“Bitches started going for broke! I was like ‘this shit!’ …the girls got put in situations where they got emotional. We all did. We were just trying to save ourselves. It was like a sinking ship. Puff just went off, he just went off and fired [people]. I didn’t expect that to be the ending because we had planned in the car for something very different.”

Watch Dawn tell the full story in her ‘Loungin’ with Tony’ interview at the 7:00 mark:

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1 Comment

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