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FIRST LOOK: Caitlyn Jenner’s Docu-Series ‘I Am Cait’

...And These Bitches Will Deal!

FIRST LOOK: Caitlyn Jenner’s Docu-Series ‘I Am Cait’


“Why did I decide to do a series?” Caitlyn Jenner says, shown in several never-before-seen outfits. “I am telling my story.”

“People don’t looking into the mirror and nothing seems right.”

Kris Jenner tells Extra, “I think that someone following their dream is truly inspirational to a lot of people. You have to do what makes you happy.”

E! will debut the 8-episode docuseries ‘I Am Cait‘ on July 26. Until then, press play and gag.

[video link]

Will you be watching ‘I Am Cait’?

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