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Frat Hazing Caused Suicide of Marquise Braham? His Father Alleges The University Tampered with Evidence [VIDEO]

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Frat Hazing Caused Suicide of Marquise Braham? His Father Alleges The University Tampered with Evidence [VIDEO]

“In the [grand jury] report, they acknowledge that Marquise had been hazed. The brothers admitted that they hazed him. But, the attorney generals office said, ‘But we’re not going to do anything. We’re not going to prosecute that.'” These are the allegations of Marquise Braham’s father, Rich Braham.

Marquise was an 18 year old Biomedical Engineering major taking 18 credits, a dorm leader, and studying to be a resident adviser his father tells CNN. Marquise jumped to his death from the roof of a Marriott hotel. Another death has happened on campus, leading investigators to re-open claims like the one of Braham according to the CNN report.

via CNN:

The death of Marquise Braham is getting a fresh look by a new set of investigators in light of allegations that Penn State University for years has mishandled reports of hazing. Marquise’s parents, who recently spoke with CNN, insist officials turned a blind eye to the psychological distress their son’s fraternity experience imposed, which Penn State disputes.

The Braham case resurfaced this year after another student, 19-year-old Tim Piazza, died after his first night pledging Penn State’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the main campus in State College.

Piazza repeatedly fell down inside the fraternity house following an induction ritual involving alcohol, police said. Video surveillance from inside the house shows him struggling for 12 hours, yet police have said no one called for help.
Piazza died the next day, and 18 members of the fraternity now face charges ranging from reckless endangerment to involuntary manslaughter. All have pleaded not guilty. Piazza’s parents have called the system governing fraternities at Penn State “criminal.”
Now, the grand jury that convened to investigate Penn State and Piazza’s death has expanded its scope, and will examine at least two other Penn State fraternity misconduct allegations that never resulted in criminal charges.

READ MORE: Grand jury to reconsider charges in Penn State pledge’s suicide after alleged hazing

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