GAGA POST: My Top 5 'Born This Way' songs + MTV Documentary.

With Lady Gaga set to slay 1-million records sold next week (that’s half of the two million that were shipped out to prepare for the release), it’s only fair that I take time to share my favs and flops from her new album Born This Way. Overall, iThink Gaga successfully created a new sound for herself with this Euro Pop with Classic Rock influenced record. Songs like “The Edge of Glory,” “Born This Way,” and “You & I” are definite stand out tracks. I think “Judas” was made as a joke specifically to stir up drama with the religious cults. “Heavy Metal Lover” and “Bad Kids” go over my head. I feel like they are Rock subjects forced to mesh with the Euro Pop sound that didn’t successfully go over. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good songs. And, I’m sure somewhere in the world somebody is jammin’ to one of those songs right now. But these are MY top 5 songs from Born This Way:

5. Fashion of His Love – Am I the only one who hears Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” when this comes on? And, I adore the love story Gaga created with this track.
4. Judas – Okay…so at first I had no clue WTF Gaga was talking about. But one day Gaga explained, and I HALF-WAY understood, that it’s about going back to ex-boyfriends that are you are no good and they keep doing stoopid stuff. I don’t know how she made that relate to the story of the man who snitched on Jesus, but doggone it…something about that chorus gets me with EVERY listen.
3. Bloody Mary – When I hear this song I think of “Alejandro” from Gaga’s last album. I want to get down doing that sideways lean, & do that arm on the hips move thru the WHOLE song!
2. Marry The Night – This sounds like a classic 80’s pop song! And, the way the piano comes on in the beginning, definitely sounds like something you play in church during a special ceremony. I feel a strong Madonna influence on this record. Am I right with that one?
1. Scheiße – The moment Gaga starts talking in German iSwear my pussy leaves my thighs and starts running laps for the Lord! And, by the time the beat comes in and Gaga starts singing, I’m already jumping up and down like I’m at the club dancing till the world ends. What is a showzer? …However it’s spelled. I wish she didn’t need it either. But, if she didn’t need to sing about it…would we have this amazing record? …
The Edge of Glory & You and I get honorable mention…narrowing down to just 5 was very difficult! What are your favs from the new album? I wanna know!

MTV PRESENTS: Lady Gaga – Inside The Outside

Why do i NOT believe Lady Gaga’s piano teacher was a stripper? And, why do i NOT believe she was put in a trash can either?! Something about the way she told those stories just don’t sit well in my spirit. Hell, even that story about Beyoncé sounded fake.

However, I did enjoy staring at the mole on her face for 45 minutes. Gaga is so entertaining.

Your Thoughts?

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