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7 Gay Bathhouse Tips Before Your Next Session

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7 Gay Bathhouse Tips Before Your Next Session

Recent conversations with my friends have somehow landed on bathhouses…the place where many men go to have anonymous encounters. From those conversations and some online research here are seven recommendations for having a healthy and fun experience.

1. Talking is prohibited.

All communication between participants must be made through body talk.

2. If the man across from you does not attract you, keep your head tilted down.

And, if he flirts, don’t be rude.

3. Bring cash.

Some places only accept cash and you’ll want water from the vending machine.

4. Hey! No sipping a drink you didn’t bring or didn’t buy.

First you feel woozy then you wake up in the ED from a drug overdose. 🙁

5. Wear shoes that can get wet.

Most bathhouses won’t let you be barefoot. Plus, you don’t want all those man juices on you.

6. Bring that lube you like and/or condom brand that fits.

All cucumbers aren’t created equally. Gotta be prepared.

7. You don’t have to have sex.

Many bathhouses have gyms, lounges, and other areas where you can chill.

Anything missing from this list?

Comment below.

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