Gay Black Men WHY Are Whites 74% of PrEP Users While We’re More Likely to be Infected?

Who has $1500 for an HIV prevention medication? Who really believes the CDC’s finding that 1 in 2 Black, gay men will become infected with HIV/AIDS? While we wait for the quarterly PrEP injection to become a tangible thing, Gilead Sciences has something they want you to know about their pill.

At a recent American Society for Microbiology meeting they presented an update to the US Pharmacy PrEP Survey and found that 74% of people who filled Truvada prescriptions were White. People of color love saying Black people don’t have the same opportunities as Whites; but, Hispanics are also more likely to swallow the daily pill than Blacks. Our numbers actually decreased.

via NAM:

The survey found that a total of 49,158 individuals started Truvada for PrEP between early 2012 and the third quarter of 2015. This represents a 523% increase between Q3 2013 and Q3 2015.

Data on race/ethnicity were available for 44% of PrEP recipients (n=21,463). White people made up 74% of all those who filled Truvada PrEP prescriptions, with Hispanics (12%), African-Americans (10%) and Asians (4%) accounting for much smaller proportions. Further, the proportion of blacks who started PrEP actually dropped, from 12% in 2012 to 10% in 2015.

While women made up 21% of those who started PrEP overall, the percentage of prescriptions among women continued to decline, from 49% in 2012 to just 11% in Q3 2015. Approximately 2,500 women started PrEP each year, but as the total number of users rose, their percentage of the total fell. Black women were more than four times less likely than white women to have started PrEP.

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YouTuber Martell Todd tells his PrEP experience in the video below. Press play.

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  • John
    28 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Awesome video…….every black gay man in the US need to be on it…I really don’t understand why the community have issues with it….I am so lost on that

  • Jeffrey Campbell
    28 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Great monologue about PrEP, my friend! You are right on all points. There are a few things that I believe account for black gay men not getting the correct information about PrEP. 1. We don’t dig for real answers. Yes, a Truvada prescription does cost around $1,500 a month without insurance but when you go to a PrEP assessment, most of the providers are going to tell you about the Gilead Patient Assistance Program that gets you the meds for free. If you have insurance, just use it. 2. Black gay men are not honest with our doctors. We don’t tell them that we are gay or bi-sexual. Therefore, even a doctor who knows about PrEP might not talk with you about it because you have not been forthcoming about who you really are. 3. Many of us are so stigmatized that we don’t want to go to the clinics that offer PrEP because those clinics also treat people living with HIV. We don’t want to be seen “going up in there.” Just my quick three points. Keep doing what you doing brother! We have got to stop HIV in the Black gay male community.

  • Shelton Shelton
    28 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I think that your video was great and it was on point. From my experience most people in the black community don’t know about “prep” I have personally experienced talking with individuals about it and it was their first time even knowing of such a drug. I also experience where individuals Thought the cost was too much money and they can’t afford it. I’m not sure what other people insurance pay but I do have insurance and my insurance in my opinion is not the best but it’s still covers majority of the cost leaving a co-pay of very very little. I do agree with you most men or most Black men are not honest with there provides and therefore The doctors don’t recommend treatment as such. My only recommendation is a major social media blitz about the drugs and the benefits and the low-cost that associate with it for those who have medical insurance. And also the availability of services that will assist for those who don’t have health insurance cannot afford the co-pay out-of-pocket expense.

    • 28 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

      i agree with people not knowing about the med. i just really found out what the drug was last year

  • Gilbert
    29 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I am so ever grateful that you have posted information about the existence of the “PRep” Truvada. And yes, I know a lot of guys in our black culture who have never heard of it. Many of our brothers do not take the time to read, research, and educate themselves…regardless of the issue that the meds may or may not be affordable or available. However, there is an issue I would like to address about the effectiveness of the drug. I got into a dispute with a white guy concerning guys (CDC participants) who were on the drug and having unprotected sex with guys (CDC participants) who were HIV positive. My understanding was that the guys who are HIV+ are also HIV Undetectable. His argument was whether the drug works with someone who is HIV+, not on any HIV meds, and inseminates inside his receptive partner. Or did I misunderstand the testing procedure of the drug all together?

    • Apres Moi
      1 Jul 2016 | Permalink | Reply

      I know from friends who are poz and in serodiscordant relationships (one is poz and the other is neg), it works well when the person who is HIV poz is already on meds and undetectable and the their bf is neg and on PREP. So basically, if you’re a neg guy on prep and having sex with undetectable guys, then you’re fine. Now if someone is HIV poz and have a low or moderate viral load and the other guy is neg and on Prep, I can be wrong here but I think it comes down to how long you’ve been on Prep. if you’ve been diligent and responsible with taking Prep everyday, then your immune system has been been strengthened by Truvada, then you theoretically may not get infected with HIV. If you aven’t been diligent and responsible with taking Prep everyday, then I would recommend always using condoms.

      As one of my best friends, who’s poz and married to a guy who’s negative and on prep, once told me about Truvada/Prep, before I decided to go on it, it should be treated the same way women who take birth control. Also use a condom, but be thankful for when there’s an accident or you forgot to use one.

    • Rob
      1 Sep 2016 | Permalink | Reply

      The Partners PrEP study showed that Truvada as PrEP works well even if the HIV negative person on PrEP has a DETECTABLE HIV positive person. The fact is that we know PrEP protects from HIV… period. These are specious arguments that show a lack of knowledge of the research done to date.

  • Richard
    30 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    So u can have a pill protect from hiv but no pill for cancer . Hell if u stop fucking everything and stop fucking raw .

  • 30 Jun 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    We’re trying to address this disparity at the grass root level vis our all volunteer campaign Check us out at and @prepsquaddc on Instagram

  • Apres Moi
    1 Jul 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I live in WA state and there are two ways you can get Prep for free.

    * Gilead’s Truvada co-pay assist program – (FYI, this is independent of the state you live in)
    * Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Drug Assistance Program –

    I have health insurance and still use the Truvada co-pay assist program from Gilead and instead of paying $30/month in copay, I now pay nothing. As for #2, as long as you’re a sexually-active GLBTQ in WA state, you’re considered “at-risk”. The program covers the complete cost of Truvada regardless if you have or don’t have health insurance. Believe me, I have friends with shitty health insurance that won’t cover Truvada and the state helps cover the cost.

    Here’s an interesting fact. Having access to Truvada as a HIV negative guy isn’t afforded to everyone across the world. I know it’s not the case in Mexico from talking to a good friend. I know it’s not the case in Brazil from traveling around there late last year and having some direct conversations about it. It’s definitely not the case in Canada either.

  • David
    3 Jul 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Everyone should be on it that’s gay, it’s our duty to make this the last generation to have to get a positive diagnosis. If you’re on insurance you can get it not only that there are programs from the companies that can make it free to $45 a month. You have to take it consistently without exceptions, as some douches in SF took it half assedly and now there’s a strain there that’s truvada resistant. They were obviously already hit positive and didn’t take their meds regularly. Between using condoms and truvada we can obliterate this disease.

  • Remont Moneghan
    7 Jul 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I think the major reason that prep is not out there. It’s all about the drug manufacturers. Certain drug company’s want only to promote their doctors gwt a kickback for promote certain drugs.

    • David
      1 Sep 2016 | Permalink | Reply

      Make sure you know what you talk. Why are you giving wrong information. I bet you everyone on here who is black will be able to find a porn site or a bareback party but cannot find information on prep? Bull… I am surprised no one blamed the white man for this

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