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Gay Convicted Felon Relives Suicide Attempts, Prison Life & More in His New Book [VIDEO]

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Gay Convicted Felon Relives Suicide Attempts, Prison Life & More in His New Book [VIDEO]

From age six the life of crime for best-selling author Victor L. Carrington included juvenile homes and two prison sentences before age 20.

Here’s a synopsis of his book ‘Just When You Thought You Knew Me‘ from Amazon:

As a little boy all I wanted was to be loved. Learning what I thought was love from my family, eventually revealed to be years of manipulation and lies. I grew up in the juvenile system, but I managed to find my way. Sadly, any time I thought I was on a path to greatness, my journey was disrupted. During my years in juvenile facilities, I faced loneliness and depression that led to multiple suicide attempts. Willing to do what it took to gain love and affection, I became a person that everyone wanted to be around while it benefited them. Unable to recognize I was manipulated, I ended up in prison two times. It was the second prison sentence when the blinders were removed. At that “ah-ha” moment after the persuasion of another inmate, I was able to see people for who and what they truly were. Not only was it an eye opening experience, but at that moment, I took control of my life for the very first time. I was 25-years old, and I felt like my life was just beginning. Although angry, hurt and confused, I was able to successfully complete my sentence and come home to another life changing moment that would destroy any hopes of having a healthy relationship with my family.

Watch this interview where Victor talks about prison life and click here to order his book.

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