Gay Film 'You Are Not Alone' Premieres This Weekend!

Gays get depressed too? Ha! Not by the way things look in the media!

In the film ‘You Are Not Alone’ premiering in select theaters this weekend depression is the #1 topic. “I guess I knew when I woke up in the hospital on a gurney being wheeled into the emergency room after taking a handful of muscle relaxers. That was a clear sign that something was up,” one man says in the documentary.

“I stopped counting after 100,” another man confesses after admitting he used sex to deal with his depression. There’s also a Stanley Bennett Clay-directed dramatization in the trailer below where there’s some Precious-like shit goes down. The father in a home resorts to having sex with his son after his wife keeps refusing him to watch her soap operas. I watched with my jaws to the floor thinking “REALLY GIRL!?!!” This is gonna be good!

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