Gay Films 'The Skinny' & 'Promise Me A Lie' Shine at OutFest's Fusion Film Festival

Patrik-Ian Polk presents THE SKINNY Movie Poster

So refreshing to read some good gay films. Fusion: The LGBT People of Color Film Festival was held in Los Angeles last week and showcased productions like Stud Life, Slow, and Promise Me A Lie.

sidebar: Slow actually premiered online a while ago. Check that out here if you missed it. It’s a must see! *NSFW*

Noah’s Arc director Patrik-Ian Polk was on the scene to promote his new film The Skinny in theaters April 6. In an interview with NoMoreDownlowTV,  Actress Jennia Fredrique who stars in The Skinny said, “I love people being fully who they are and being from Gary Indiana where you see kids getting beat up or mistreated, this represents those kids that need to see themselves represented.”

Check out the NoMoreDownLowTV segment below:

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