Gay man spreads HIV, 6 die after church said they were healed.
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At least Six HIV+ people have died after Evangelical church leaders in the UK have told them to stop taking their medication because they have been healed by God. An undercover investigation by Sky News has revealed that in an exorcism-like event, the pastor prays water from a cologne bottle (available on the church website) on the constituents and shouts devil slurs in the name of the Lord. This SOMEHOW cures people from the virus. Sky reports:

Emmanuel came off his medication a year ago on the instructions of a pastor at his church in north London. He said: “(The pastor) told me I’d been healed – ‘You’ve got to stop taking the medicine now. I’ll keep praying for you. Once God forgives you then the disease will definitely go.'”

Emmanuel admitted he suspects he may have passed HIV onto his boyfriend. He said: “Yeah, I think I’ve passed it on. He got ill. Physically, he’s lost some bit of weight. He’s very small. I think he’s worried… Yeah, I feel guilty, if I’m the one who passed it onto him I’m feeling guilty. Yeah, very much guilty.”

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Of course the church released a statement saying there’s nothing God can’t cure and blah blah blah. No shade to Him, his powers n’ all that… but if I see a pill that can cure me of anything, I’m taking it. Healthy people running around here deep throating multivitamins to prevent illness so why can’t the HIV+ people still take their meds as back up just in case what happened at the church really doesn’t work? Emmanuel has been of his pills SO long that now his knees are all messed up. Even if he started taking pills again he has already loss too much bone mass to regain his strength. Too bad, so sad.

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