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Just in time for gay pride in New York City! Stonewall Inn gonna be jumpin’ all weekend!

But, now that the highest federal court has decided same-sex marriage is legal, how long will it take for the states to implement it into law?

via New York Times:

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion in the 5 to 4
decision. He was joined by the court’s four more liberal justices.
The decision, the culmination of decades of litigation and activism,
came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion,
with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex

As in earlier civil rights cases, the Supreme Court had moved
cautiously and methodically, laying careful judicial groundwork for a
transformative decision.

As late as October, the justices ducked the issue, refusing to hear
appeals from rulings allowing same-sex marriage in five states. That
decision delivered a tacit victory for gay rights, immediately
expanding the number of states with same-sex marriage to 24, along
with the District of Columbia, up from 19.

Largely as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s decision not to act,
the number of states allowing same-sex marriage has since grown to 36,
and more than 70 percent of Americans live in places where gay couples
can marry.

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Texas and Alabama have already stated they would not be honoring the ruling if this was the outcome, Alabama vowing to end marriage for all people in the state just to be shady. Watch Matt Baume with the American Foundation for Equal Rights explain the shenanigans in a recent episode of ‘Marriage News Watch‘.

[video link]

How long will it take the remaining 15 states to implement the court ruling?

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