5 Lies Gay Men Tell & What They REALLY Mean

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Yes Gawd Nessa! It’s late in the midnight hour and I was just cruising the blogs when I stumbled upon DISCREET CITY, a blog for masculine men of color. They have amazing posts like Top 15 Reasons You’re Still Single and 10 Step Guide to Meeting Masculine Men, among others. Below is a snippet a post I found the most fascinating – Classic Lies Gay Men Tell Each Other.

Other than the fact that they’re all true… I’ve used them all! Check out my Top 5 below and let’s see how many of these you’re guilty of using yourself a time or two (or three).


LIE: “My ‘best friend’ is coming in from outta town this weekend. Gotta entertain him.”

TRANSLATION: “This other dude I’ve been chatting with online is coming in from outta town this weekend. Gotta hook-up with him.”


LIE: “I’m only looking for ‘Friends First’ and we’ll take it from there.”

TRANSLATION: “I want to string you along for awhile in case a better option comes along.”


LIE: “I’ve never done that with anyone but you.”

TRANSLATION: “I want you to think I’m kinda innocent but actually I’m a recovering whore.”


LIE: “I’m versatile, but I’ll only bottom for right dude.”

TRANSLATION: “…bottom.”


LIE: “Yeah, I’m masculine.”

TRANSLATION: “I’m the most masculine person amongst my ultra fem-queen friends. So technically I’m masculine….ish.”

Which of these have you used?

Click here for the full list.

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