Gay men can now give blood in Britain…with ONE exception. - Man giving blood

According to this article by ABC News, gay men in the UK can now donate blood. Of course, there’s still some foolish criteria attached to it, one rule being you can’t engage in gay sex 12 months prior to your donation. So, is heterosexual sex okay? That’s foolish.

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell says in the ABC News story that the rule is “excessive and unjustified.” He also says, “If [a homosexual donor] always have safe sex with a condom, have only one partner and test HIV negative, their blood is safe to donate.”

sidebar: Y’all remember the story about that man being denied as a donor because the office said he looked gay? Click here to read that story.

Australia is currently considering a lift on their ban on gay men giving blood. The 12-month gay sex ban will also be included in their donating criteria. Since the 1980’s blood donor centers have prevented homosexuals from giving blood in fear of spreading HIV/AIDS.

What’s your opinion on gay men giving blood?

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