Gay Men CONTINUE to Spend More Money Partying Than Giving to LGBT Organizations…But WHY?

Our only saving grace is that the 3.1 percent of LGBT Americans that do give are handing out more per donation.

The annual National LGBT Movement Report by Movement Advancement Project examines financial health of 36 organizations – including GLAAD, ACLU, GLSEN, The Trevor Project. etc. – and represent 75% of budgets from all LGBT social justice organizations. Their 2016 release approximates $188.7 million in contributions over the previous calendar year.

Other key findings include:

— The total number of people who gave $35 or more to a participating organization represents approximately 3.1% of the total number of LGBT adults in the U.S

–Fourteen participating organizations experienced revenue declines, with the average of these organizations experiencing a 20% revenue decline.

— Participating organizations reported a total of 286,987 donors who donated at least $35 in 2015. Of these, 270,419 donated between $35 and $999, 16,171 donated between $1,000 and $24,999, and 397 donated $25,000 or more.

— Daily cash expenditures increased 4% from 2014 to 2015 to a cumulative average of $446,400 per day for the 36 participating organizations who reported this data. This is a five-year high for these organizations.

There will be a lot of blame game comments but my only concern is:

Which LGBT organization can you commit to giving a $50 donation in 2017?


  • William
    5 Feb 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    I’am guessing because very few gay organizations support the black gay community, even when they have black pride events, you never see any of the big gay organzations, or sponsors showing their support. But when they have the big Pride events, like gay days in Orlando, everyone supports it.

  • 1 Apr 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. My husband and I believe in a strong queer community and believe that one of the foundational pieces of that is to be financially responsible and use our funds to help fight for equality. We cannot do that when we are distracted financially. We have nothing against a good party, but what matters most?

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