Gay Men, Do You Care About LGBT Youth Homelessness?

I’m asking for a friend.

Our young brothers and sistas are coming out at earlier ages so the new research says. But, straight people still have the age old tradition of if they don’t see it then it doesn’t exist. This includes their own children.

An estimated 1.6 million youth are homeless each year and about 40% of them of LGBT according to the True Colors Fund.

TCF reports most youth are forced out or run away due to family conflicts and need our help with housing, employment, and healthcare.

Why Homelessness Happens

Needs of Homeless LGBT Youth

source: True Colors Fund

Press play to watch ‘Kicked Out‘ by In The Life Media.

[video link]

Both of Aubrey’s parents passed away. She shares her housing instability experience below.

[video link]

Do gay men care about LGBT youth homelessness?

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