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Gay Men, Here’s 9 HIV Prevention Articles You MUST Read


Gay Men, Here’s 9 HIV Prevention Articles You MUST Read


1. With a 92% success rate at blocking the virus, could Truvada be the gay once a day vitamin for gay men?

2. I hope so because this survey says gays on dating apps, Grindr in particular, lie about their HIV results or haven’t been tested at all.

3. Dear Gay Sexpert, Can I get HIV from giving head?

4. Twenty years? Luis Loures, a deputy executive director of UNAIDS, says a breakthrough is coming.

5. Should we all just date undetectable guys since this study says people who have it can’t give it to you?
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6. If only ALL gay men were willing to get injections every three months.

7. Gay sex workers are not concerned about HIV. What they do care about may surprise you.

8. Black, gay couples and their condom use may surprise you as well. Hmm…

9. A new study shows says hepatitis b and c, along with HIV and a bunch of other shit are all about to become a thing of the past. Why? Bee venom!

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