Gay people coming out at a younger age, study shows…

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A poll by gay rights charity Stonewall has found that the average age for gay and bisexual teenagers to come out is now 15. The online survey of 1,536 openly gay or bisexual people found that the age for coming out has steadily fallen over the last 20 years. Respondents aged 60 and over had an average age of 37 for coming out, but for those in their thirties, the average age was 21. Those aged under 18 had an average coming out age of 15.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s deputy director of public affairs, said: “People are coming out younger and younger. Everyone should come out when they feel ready and confident but this is an encouraging trend and sends a positive message to anyone not out yet: you don’t have to wait.” This week is National Anti-Bullying Week and Stonewall is encouraging students to write to their local MPs to ask whether educational authorities will be using resources to counter homophobic bullying. Ms Hunt added: “Young people are coming out in school right now. As lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils become more visible than ever, it’s essential schools make things better for them.”

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I knew I was gay at birth pretty much and I never really had a closet to come out of. But, I’m proud of the young men and women who find the courage early on to come out because it’s better for your physical and mental health to just go ahead and get all that negative sh*t overwith straight people throw at you (for no damn reason, judging you like they mama named them God). Also, many of the people I’ve encountered who wait until the later years to come out are schizophrenic and delusional thinking folk are always out to get them…OUT THEM and ruin everything they’ve kept hidden for so long. BLAH BLAH BULLSH*T!

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