Gay People Who Are “Ready to Stop Living A Lie,” Apply to be on ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’


What an interesting way to wrap up LGBT History Month. After the passing of National Coming Out Day, Spirit Day, and the honoring of many in the gay community, the infamous Iyanla Vanzant couldn’t let this month go by without an LGBT episode of ‘Fix My Life’.

“If you are gay and need to come out to your heterosexual partner, #FixMyLife wants to hear from you,” she tweeted moments ago.

The official casting page says:


Are you gay and trapped in a heterosexual marriage or relationship? Do you have secret affairs behind your partner’s back? Is the guilt killing you and you just want to come clean? Or — did your partner just learn about your hidden lifestyle and your marriage is now hanging by a thread? Has your deception hurt the person you love and now you don’t know where to go from here? If you are gay and need to come out to your heterosexual partner or need help repairing your marriage after coming out, Iyanla Fix My Life wants to hear from you.

To apply click here.

Iyanla is always hit or miss with me. I pray she doesn’t embarrass herself by getting jargon wrong or mass categorizing groups in the LGBTQI community.

Will you be watching this episode?

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