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Gay Prison Sex for Two Cigarettes & A Honey Bun? The Culture Shock Many Men Endure [VIDEO]

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Gay Prison Sex for Two Cigarettes & A Honey Bun? The Culture Shock Many Men Endure [VIDEO]


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“Openly gay men are not as oppressed as one might fear,” says Daniel Genis in his memoir ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Sex in Prison’. “The feminine ones are often desired, and there is quite a bit of prostitution going on. I once saw oral sex performed in exchange for two cigarettes and a honey bun…”

It gets even more interesting.

“I can only speak for myself, but in my own time in the New York State system, I rarely saw or even heard about non-consensual sex between men. Perhaps I was just very lucky. Maybe I’d been incarcerated only in the ‘softer’ corners of the penal system. Rape does happen, and all over any prison there are signs with a number to call to anonymously report it, which I always thought was less a matter of sodomy than of legal liability.”

He continues.

“But more common, from what I could see, was an older prisoner taking a young and inexperienced kid under his wing. Most often, this kid has no money and likes to get high; there are many such people in prison, and they tend to burn their bridges early and totally. And so the older man, who has usually already served major time, feeds the kid, and gets him a little something to smoke or snort. Now the kid has become a ‘fish’. They start working out together, then showering together, then there is a massage, and finally, the kid is asked to ‘help’ the older guy out. He’s ‘no homo,’ but he has needs…”

Genis emphasizes:

“Consensual sex between incarcerated men happens all the time. There are rules against it, as it is considered an ‘unhygienic act’, and you can go to the Special Housing Unit (aka the Box) for it. Which is ironic, because then you will be locked in a room with another man for 24 hours a day, with barely any supervision. Solitary, at least in New York State, is not solitary at all, but a deux (for or involving two people)–as it is cheaper to house men this way. If ever there was a venue for either forcible or consensual sex between men, it is therein provided.”


In the full publication you can read right here Daniel discusses a masturbation device called “fifi”, popular books used as porn, the high price of lotion, and more.

The Prison Documentaries channel on YouTube has more than 2.1 million views. Their 30-minute documentary ‘How to Avoid Rape in Prison’ starts with a former inmate detailing the gang rape he encountered. Press play.

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