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Gay Rapper 'Big Momma' Surprises with 'Batteries Not Included' Mixtape.


Gay Rapper 'Big Momma' Surprises with 'Batteries Not Included' Mixtape.

This is a must have for the iTunes library (or Windows Media Player for you lesser girls).  After discovering Big Momma on the Kirko Bangz remix to ‘What Yo Name Iz‘ I’ve been stalking his Tweet My Song profile and getting my L-I-F-E. Check out some of his music below, an excerpt from a recent interview, and snatch the download link to his ‘Batteries Not Included‘ mixtape below.


What would you say inspires your music? I think what inspires my music is things that I want say to someone but I’m afraid I’ll hurt their feelings, so I put it in a rhyme instead. For example –  my song off my new mixtape ‘April’s Fool‘ is actually based off my past relationship.

If you had the opportunity to feature [a big artist] on some of your work who might that be? Fuck! That’s a hard one. I think it would have to be Lil’ Kim. She’s my idol. I grew up listening to her. If you haven’t noticed Kim is who i got my rap name from.

Were you at all hesitant about being a ‘gay’ rapper? Not at all, there’s so many other gay rappers in this game who I actually respect and they respect me so it’s like I’m not alone. I do feel it takes pride. Actually, the things that I rap about I feel is refreshing to the LBGT community so they appreciate me.

If offered the opportunity would you sign with a major record label? Yes. I’m in love with Rick Ross. I’m aiming to be the 1st lady of MMG if it takes me having to take Trina out the game. LOL

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For more Big Momma
Twitter: @ClitRacist
Tumblr: LuciFuck
Music: TweetMySong

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