Gay Reality Show 'Tha Life: Atlanta' Dropped A New Episode…

Dr. George Smith is STILL trying to make this show happen. The lack of fucks was so immaculate back in February 2011 when he dropped the first episode. But, they say persistence will take you far.

In this new installment Dr. Smith throws a party (for some reason I don’t remember) and tells his date both of them will be keeping a journal their first 90 days of getting to know each other. Cute idea right?

“When you meet a guy in Atlanta for dating purposes and you can stay with him for 30 days you’re doing great. If you guys can last for 60 days it’s almost a miracle. And, if you get to 90 days you’ve reached a Holy grail! You’ve been married for 5 years in heterosexual years.”

Let’s see how it all turns out.

Is this episode of ‘Tha Life’ better than the first?

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