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Gay Relationship Advice for Young, Black Men from Johnnell Terrell [VIDEO]

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Gay Relationship Advice for Young, Black Men from Johnnell Terrell [VIDEO]


Tyrone Wells and Johnnell Terrell are well known for their bookings, their likes, and their love across social media. Johnnell recently asked a question about open relationships on his Facebook and the comment section went into nuclear territory; so, he made a video response about why Black, gay relationships don’t work.

“We go through so many experiences in our lifetime that when it is actually time for us to actually settle down and we have found the right person we sometimes can’t identify that,” Johnnell tells Facebook Live.”You are so just blocked out when it pertains to opening up your mind to new experiences and being loved by somebody that you don’t want to receive it anymore.”

“We have all of these past situations that we don’t let go of in our heads from other gay men that we’ve dealt with that the person in front of us, we take all of those past frustrations, and we put them on the person that is new in our lives.”

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Here are some other notable, semi-quotables from his Facebook Live video.

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We look at relationships- especially young, Black, gay men- like a new hand bag or Jordan’s and you want to show everybody on social media.

People do it trying to get attention and end up destroying their relationship. Keep it private. All that matters is what goes on behind closed doors. Save yourself the unwanted attention from people saying your relationship is/was a stunt. Bae can’t have a body, a big dick, phat ass, no flaws, and be perfect. You will find these things out later and it will hurt your feelings.

Marriage – are we doing it because it’s cute to do?

Are you really looking to build a family, to grow old, and create a lifetime of memories together? You can be in love with somebody but it takes years to get to know them. Small things – rubbing his feet, cooking for each other, bring him a card every now and then, share your aspirations- these things take time and can’t be done in a “microwave” relationship.

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We easily get bored.

We are attracted to things visually and after a certain time of being together our eyes wonder, and get interested in bringing other people in to spice things up. It works for some people. But if you’re not careful with communication, honesty, and the actions you take, it can make you not like each other anymore due to infidelities and being on different pages.

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People who are successful have standards that are too high.

People who are success driven end up being lonely because they won’t be open to being someone who has same character qualities and build material things together.

Threats and Verbal Abuse

Want to scratch his face? Punch him? Hitting walls? Stay away from those situations.

Fear of leaving after long term relationships.

There is no change or progression? If you wanna be happy those “what ifs” that keep holding you back … you need to take that chance! Be by yourself if need be.

Let your partner live his life.

Let him do what makes him happy without following their every move. Don’t be quick to walk away if/when he messes up.

He may not be in your home city.

Don’t be afraid of long distance at first. If you want to work it will work.

Press play for the full video.

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