Gay Stage Play 'Him' Coming to TV?

You remember that time Omarion had that press release where he admitted to being openly bi-sexual and then the next day in another press release said he’s a God fearing man (as if that had anything to do with anything) and we all blamed Raz-B? Girl!  Well, the stage play ‘Him‘ is reminds me of that. Hollywood and homophobia, will it ever end?

From the play’s press release:

In Him, hunky actor Nick Cooper has just landed his breakthrough film role and the offers from Hollywood’s A-list are pouring in. The only problem: Nick is gay and his viper of an agent wants to keep him in the closet. Nick is happy to play along in spite of the vocal opposition of his boyfriend. But all hell breaks loose when a Latina bombshell is brought in to “play” Nick’s girlfriend.

According to my source the current running, off broadway play could be making it’s way to television. Mega writer/director Clifford Streit who helped get Sex and the City on HBO is in talks of having ‘Him‘ shopped around to cable networks.#WINNING

My only fear is that gays won’t support it and the series will be short lived.

Your Thoughts?