GAY STUDY: Blacks Use Condoms More Than Whites?

Yep, that’s what San Francisco State University says.

According to their research being presented at the 19th International AIDS Conference:

Researchers found that black couples were more likely use condoms regardless of HIV status. Black couples reported that practicing safe sex was the product of unspoken agreements where it was “just understood” that condom use was non-negotiable…
Most white couples, regardless of HIV status, did not use condoms. Many white couples came to that decision by discussing the risks and benefits of unprotected sex with each other. Interracial couples (black and white partners) were divided between using condoms and not using condoms.
White and interracial couples that included partners with a different HIV status reported that a major factor in their decision not to use condoms was the health of the HIV positive partner.
Researcher Chad Campbell says different races take different thoughts away from HIV education “and for black men, using condoms is the default choice. The black gay men we surveyed were aware of the high rates of HIV among their demographic and were taking steps to ensure they don’t become another statistic.”
My concern with this study is if we are more likely to use a condom more than other races why oh why is the infection rate among us through the roof? Well, I guess we have to accept that current statistics are from the past and we have to hold each other responsible for better statistics in the future. WRAP IT UP people!
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