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Gay Study Proves ONCE AGAIN We Make More $$$ Than Straight People


Gay Study Proves ONCE AGAIN We Make More $$$ Than Straight People

If only we could buy the Mormon church and put them out of business. Oh wait, church isn’t a business that uses donations to promote it’s homophobic agenda, it’s about Jesus Christ. Ha!

Here’s three fast facts from “Money, Myths, and Change: The Economic Lives Of Lesbians and Gay Men” via QUEERTY

Based on Census data, the median gay male household income is $105,000, more than 20% higher than that of their straight counterparts, who top out at around $84,000.

Studies suggest that gay men have higher than average education levels.Education levels of course lead to more $$ in the long run, possibly adding 8% more income per year for each extra year of education attained.

A heterosexual couple is more than 4X as likely as a gay male couple to be raising a kid. Since the estimated expenditure for a child is roughly $175,000 from birth until age 18, we all know what that means: More Andrew Christian undies, Gucci wallets, Tom Ford suits, and Atlantis cruises for EVERYONE!

The full story on QUEERTY’s site also shows study results from “New Patterns Of Poverty in the LGBT Community” where straight men applied to 8 jobs on average and got an interview, whereas gay men applied to 11 jobs. The study also finds that gay men in “female-like” jobs are paid less on average.

What do you think of the survey results?

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