GAY SURVEY: Where Men Hook Up & Give Head, Claims Bottoming Doesn’t Hurt

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The masterminds at George Mason University recently surveyed approximately 25,000 homos and those sometiming ones (also known as bi-sexuals) to see what the freak be going on (so they can have valid proof when they are judging us). The good people at QUEERTY were kind enough to gather up some of the findings. I can’t believe this says bottoming doesn’t hurt! What age were these men? Read below:

GENTLEMEN PREFER KISSING (AND BJS) – During their most recent same-sex encounter, 75 percent of all men gave oral sex, 74.8 percent kissed on the mouth, 74 percent received oral sex. Only about 35 percent of all men went full-blown anal. Apparently the question, “Are you a top or a bottom?” only matters one-third of the time.

WHO ARE THE BAREBACKINGEST BUTTSLUTS? – Men aged 18 to 24 bottom most often and men aged 30 to 39 top most often. Only 45.5 percent of men who reported having anal sex (both top and bottom) used a condom. Perhaps barebacking is more common than we’d all like to admit.

WHERE DO MEN DO “IT”? – About 49 percent of men had sex in their home, 28.6 percent in their partner’s home, 7.2 percent in a hotel room, 3.7 percent in a public space, and 1.6 percent in a car, truck or van. Bisexual were most likely to fool around in a hotel room. Younger dudes were more likely to make out in a vehicle either because they’re too poor to afford a hotel room or because living with their roommates or parents totally “sux.”

YOUNG GUYS DON’T ENJOY SEX – While 75.7 percent of all men indicated that they felt either extremely or quite aroused during their most recent sexual encounter, rates of arousal were highest among men over the age of 60 and lowest among men aged 18 to 24. Looks like your daddy fetish might be paying off in terms of pleasure, but sorry young guys, you’re just too inexperienced to pleasure anyone but yourselves (haha!). Either that or older men who have sex are just more likely to report any sex as very arousing where younger guys feel more finicky about what really turns them on.

BOTTOMING DOESN’T HURT? – According to he study, bottoming hurts significantly less than one might think—85.8 percent of men reported little to no anal pain during sex. Bisexual men complained most about being butt hurt. And apparently the pain of receptive anal sex decreases the older you get, possibly because older men have learned how to bottom more comfortably over time.

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Other key points in the survey are “the money shot” and the reason bi-sexual men can’t keep a man. I was definitely feeling the part where it says young men bottom the most. As I’ve gotten older I feel this subconscious pressure to start using my sword. Was that TMI? But, I’m glad this survey kinda sorta proves men of today are doing wayyy less taking it up the ass. It keeps the bed bugs away.

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What you think of the survey?