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Gay Tops That Have Bottomed Before … Why Y’all Be Lying? Huh?

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Gay Tops That Have Bottomed Before … Why Y’all Be Lying? Huh?

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This is the part where a peer-reviewed comment about sexuality evolving and heartfelt concern about standing in your truth slay you before the reckoning. Now, get into this read:

I noticed a lot of tops now a days more willing to bottom. Despite the image they try to keep up, many of them experienced it. But what’s more sad is when a top claims he never bottomed and would never do it. Meanwhile there’s photos all over Tumblr of him busting it wide open.

I have nothing against tops or bottoms who’s experienced new things. We should all experience different sides to our sexuality. I encourage each role and label to switch up to at least try it. Anyway but tops who lie about their past roles is so common. I’ve dealt with guy’s claiming to be tops but were mostly bottoms prior to me vise versa.

For some reason they feel like they will be judged and make them appear less TOPish? Not even a word I know [laugh out loud] but seriously just be honest with yourself. You ain’t gotta lie Craig!

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