Gay TV Host Asks Shaq, ‘How Big Is Your Dick?’ [VIDEO]


Oh, Andy Cohen!

The Bravo host featured Shaquille O’Neal on last night’s ‘What What Happens Live’ (for reasons I can’t answer nor care about). During Andy’s legendary game of Plead the Fifth he asked the basketball legend if his shoe size of 23 matched his other parts.


[video link]

Karrine Steffans claimed in her book it was ‘average for a man who is 5 ft 4 in’. But Shaq is 7ft 1 in … so, was that a read? Shaunie nor Hoopz had any complaints though.

See for yourself as Shaq crosses the street in his boxer briefs. I spy a print.

[video link]

Was Andy wrong for asking about Shaq’s wee wee?

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