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GAY TV: The Chadwick Journals – Episode 3

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GAY TV: The Chadwick Journals – Episode 3

The Chadwick Journals

While the creators of The DL Chronicles are impatiently waiting to meet their $125,000 fundraiser goal to bring the show back to life they have created this online mini-series The Chadwick Journals to encourage people to amp up their donations. In this episode we see Chadwick interviewing Maurice, aka Mark, for his new book about men on the down low. But, when Maurice leaves, someone from Chad’s past makes an impromptu return.

Click here to see episodes 1 & 2 and watch the new episode below:

What exactly is a nigga like you?” Would you believe me if I told you I have been laughing and repeatedly rewinding that part for the past 15 minutes? What about Donovan taking off his jeans and oversized button down to reveal his slacks and t-shirt? What about Donovan re-introducing himself in a classier manner, leaving his thug image behind? And, what in all hell is Chadwick doing down on that floor? Chiiiiiild, this mini-series is getting too good!

What did you think of the episode?

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